Lifecare Solutions, Inc.

Lifecare Solutions, Inc.

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Published: 04 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Ooouch! The TRUTH hurts, don’t it? 1 incident: NOT TOLD (=no disclosure) of a ”monthly CPAP payment”. NOT TOLD of $30 bill turns into $45 bill with fake/chump late fee B.S. I went to the Victorville, CA “DUMP” and simply asked to exchange my ‘wrong’ SMALL cpap nasal air pillows for Rx prescribed LARGE cpap nasal pillows. “Nobody here can help you……” ….But I insisted; Some blonde bimbo idiot female came out of her back office and said, “You KNOW, YOU are costing our company a lot of money.” BUT I got my Large nasal air pillows and left. Never went back. 2 incident: Never went back, except after 3 years: my mask is shot, my tube(s) are leaking. I went back over to the Victorville, CA “dump”. I was told, “It’s been too long.” I said “I’m supposed to get new tubing every 3 to 4 months! Where is THAT merchandise??” Then the genius’ said, “You’ll need to go see your Doctor; get a referral. And a new Rx.” I said, “For ONE g.d. HOSE?” I have this hose in my hand, I need it exchanged and YOU are telling ME I need a new Rx to get a replacement hose?” “Maybe a NEW sleep study as well???” So, I’m a 335 pound, 70 y/o and have NO hose (leaker) and NO mask = NO CPAP– my wife is under strict orders: “WHEN I pass on due to Lifecare Solutions idiocy, cheapness, crummy policies and morons at the counter, go get a wrongful death attorney and SUE THE SH(((T out of Lifecare Solutions.” Oh oh one guy suggested “Just buy it over the internet.” WTFHeck do I need Healthcare “Solutions” for?? THIS is the kind of treatment you offer? How hard would it be to put the Notice for new hose on the cpu & every 4 months of every year call, text or email the customer??? HOW HARD would that be? This method would INCREASE sales and INCREASE company cash flow. 3 incident: And finally, my first referral sent me to Redlands, CA. Guess what? THAT ”location” was boarded shut! And I called their number, was laughed AT and told, “Ohhh, that location has been ‘closed for years’ and…” I SAID, “Well, how about notifying my doctor’s office and the insurance company so we don’t ALL get sent to a dead end?” JERKS (isn’t THAT common sense; close one location, and open another; leave a note on the old place w/ new location; notify insurance(s) and notify M.D.?) Signed, Captain Daniel Xxxxxxxx, AA, DD, CLA (retired USAF), city of Hespermia, CA 92345 U.S.A.

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