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Published: 12 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased A VIP gold membership from LHVC in 2012. I was told at the time that it was a resale and I was getting a deal. I met people at the airport on my return to Canada and was informed that they paid the same price I did and it was the regular price. During my first stay, the room was deplorable, soiled mattress and couch, broken tile, poor plumbing, etc. I was also told I wouldn’t get a golf part as none were available even though the rep who sold me my membership package said I would always get one and the brochures never mentioned subject to availability. I got food poisoning on my third day at the resort. The speciality restaurants were rarely available for booking because of my position in the membership pecking order. Same for the helicopter and the limo. I was driven back to the airport in the limo when I bought the package and driven back in a maintenance van when I ended my first stay there. No apologies were given for the problems and customer staff were very abrupt with me when I complained. Then the push began to upgrade to Shareholder status. Needless to say, I didn’t bite. Recent information I received through investigation work done by a US law firm indicates that the entire resort operation is in financial trouble and another company is poised to take them over. The private jet they had for Investor level members is gone. The owner of the resort was caught at the airport using a false passport trying to leave the country. Shareholder members have been scammed and are not getting the return they expected. LHVC just laid off 3000 people. If all this is true, and I have no way of confirming it, then all current members can pretty much kiss their memberships goodbye. A new owner wouldn’t necessarily be obligated to honor them even if it’s in their best interests to do so. I’ve been approached by another vacation company who wants to buy my membership for a good price. The problem is LHVC has a restricted sale clause in their membership re-sale agreement. I wasn’t told this when I bought the membership and wasn’t told about it when I signed the document to put my membership in for re-sale. I’ve since come to realize that it will never be sold as it’s not in LHVC’s interests to sell it. Apparently there is a way of getting around the restricted sale clause. The Mexican government will arrange the buyout based on the fact that the resort is on land leased from the Dominican Government. They can get the restricted sale clause removed for a $3690 fee. If anyone has any experience doing this, I would appreciate hearing from them to ensure the process is legal and will allow me to sell my membership to a Mexican based company. I did meet with a DR lawyer who specializes in contract law. He advised me I can sue LHVC for several reasons. No Spanish documentation was provided at the time of sale. Failure to deliver what was contracted for. Failure of LHVC to fully inform me about the restricted sale clause on my contract. Maybe there is a potential here for a group based lawsuit. Randolph Stephenville Newfoundland, Canada .

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