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Refused to treat my dog

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have gone to the vet at this Clinic for my last three dogs except for my present dog. This was some time before it turned into the Lifetime Animal Care Center so I’ve known this Vet for more than 30 years; at least I figured I did. My pets and I were constantly treated with the most extreme regard and my family and I were treated with profound compassion when our creatures must be put down due ailments throughout the years.
I chose to return to my old vet that has been there for all eternity however sadly I did not know this time I was about to experience the worst. I have a dog with outrageous unique needs. She has hostility issues with creatures. She likewise has outrageous nervousness with new individuals and particularly the vet. She has never harmed a human. I took an appointment and got to know that the vet I used to visit here was out of town, so they set me up with another vet. I had to wait for a few hours before Vet Kevin finally came to the centre. He gave a very cold vibe when I entered his room. I told him about the previous experience with the old vet. But he got really angry and started to taunt me. He was in a hurry to finish this consultation and rather than listening to me was texting on his phone. His assistant took my dog into the test room the main thing out of his mouth was, “I don\’t treat aggressive dogs\”. She had a split dew hook that was causing her outrageous agony and keeping her from exercise which is significant for her health. Vet Kevin refused to touch her even when I recommended that he muzzle her. Her behaviour was not aggressive, she was restless and anxious. By no means whatsoever, was she giving any aggressive indications, basically on edge woofing on and off. I was appalled to see this discrimination. They should be able to handle every dog, why categorize them as aggressive or non-aggressive. I do believe sensitive animals need special care though, but in no way, his behaviour was justified. He even recommended me to abandon her which was very offensive for me. I mentioned a few sedatives which I was glad to pay for however were astonished when I was charged for the things I didn’t even ask for. He wasted a lot of my time because of the way that he would not go close to her not to mention investigate her dew hook. It is perfect to have an ideal dog that was not aggressive but rather lamentably I don\’t. I was horrified by the vet\’s disposition with me, however progressively overwhelmed by his frame of mind; he nearly appeared to be irritated. On a superior note, his attendant and the office staff were extremely unpleasant too. I have decided not to visit this centre ever again.

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