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Published: 05 January 2020

Posted by: XXX.Ooo

I have 100% covered insurance. My doctor a cardiologist sent me a Lifewatch holter monitor in the mail and I was to wear it for 30 days. I started using it mid July and used it for only about 5 days before I realized it was an annoying piece of junk that made it hard to sleep. There was no contract. I did not ask for this machine. I did not sign anything. No one from the company gave me any indication of the time frame that I was to have the machine. I had five different atrial flutter events, and they only called me the first time. I called them several times and every time I called them they asked for my current phone number and address to verify my account. Not one time did any of these people tell me that they had the wrong address nor did they attempt to change it . They still had my old address and old phone number from 2014. I had it for 45 days. I decided to return the monitor on August 28th via UPS. The company received it on September 4th and I have the tracking number and delivery confirmation. However even though I only had the machine for a month and a half until Aug 28th… ONLY 4 DAYS AFTER SENDING DEVICE THEY WERE SENDING ME INTO COLLECTIONS.!!! On September 3rd 2019 I got a letter from a FAKE collectors collections company called Biehl and Biehl, Inc. This fake collection company was asking me to send them a check for $2, 000.!!!?! This fake collection department does not answer their phone ever. If you leave a message they do not call back. Lifewatch a biotel company did not send me any notice for collection of payment, they did not try to contact me via phone or email and they had all of that information. I have literally spent two weeks of my life almost daily trying to contact anyone in this company to help me resolve this. No one will help me. 2 weeks ago I talked to customer service and they said that they could see that the machine was returned to them. They said it had already been sent out again to a hospital. I asked if they could send me a letter to confirm that and that never got anywhere. They kept passing me from one department to the next. When you call, it says press 2 for billing, but that is not really billing. Those people give you another number and tell you to call it and that number you must wait for an hour before somebody answers. When they answer they can”t help at all. They tell you to call customer service again. I tell them I talked to customer service probably 24 x. They tell me to call them again. I did and questioned them over and over about how to resolve this. No one will help. I asked to have a supervisor call me several times. A supervisor has never called me. After two weeks of trying when I really started asking customer service why they could not help me someone finally decided to mention that I needed to talk to device retrieval department.!!! I called device retrieval department and they tell me that they cannot see whether the device has been retrieved. BRILLIANT! I asked them why. They said because the device retrieval department does not have information on whether the device has been retrieved. They told me to call customer service again. They said they needed the serial number and somehow I was supposed to find that for them. I called customer service again. I asked them if they could give me the serial number from the device. They said they had no record that it was ever returned. I told them that is incorrect. 2 weeks ago the customerservice department had already verified that the device was returned on September 4th. I told them I had the tracking. By now they were just screwing with me… There were two weeks of incredibly frustrating notes that I”m sure they were reading about me and at this point no one wanted to help me. Today I called their parent company Biotel in PA… And even though their company is the only real website for Lifewatch, and even though lifewatch is a part of biotel, biotel refuses to help at all, saying that they don”t even have my information. That man transferred me over to a troubleshooter back at lifewatch who said she was going to get a supervisor for me. In the meantime she started asking me questions. After 45 minutes of waiting for a supervisor she told me that there were no supervisors available and that she would have one call me back, just like I was told several other times…To no avail. For a company that I have not signed a contract with, who never told me a time limit to have the machine, to then try to penalize me for having the machine for a month-and-a-half, never send any kind of bill to request payment, never check with my insurance company or my doctor to confirm that this was 100% paid by my insurance, only to immediately send it to a fake creditor to try to SCAM $2000 OFF me… Is despicable. But the fact that I got nowhere after trying to clear up the issue for 2 weeks is utterly absurd. This fraudulent company who Claims to care and help your heart hasalmost given me a damn heartbattack with stress. They are undoubtedly perpetrating this scam on elderly patients who have heart disease and sometimes dementia and absolutely no way to fight against this very sophisticated network of fraudulent scammers. I am only 50 years old and I am very intelligent and I could not get them to help me one inch. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE OUT OUT OF BUSINESS

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