Light Pediatric Dentistry

I sincerely doubt them for their professionalism. I just walked out.

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Published: 27 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Since my son loves chocolates, he eats them a lot. This left him cavities in very early stages. So we had to reach out for a dentist so that he can do some fillings for the cavity. Then we reached this place Light Pediatric Dentist.

My son was very stubborn. He was terrified because most of his friends stated that dental treatments would give a lot of pain. This is the main reason I opted for a pediatric dentist, thinking that they have some separate ways to get them to their way.

The staff there got very angry with my son stating that he is a naughty boy. But my son is a very calm boy. He never talks loudly also. He was very scared at the place, and he started screaming. All those persons there tried to calm him, but the staff reacted in another way.

One of them even used little bad words towards my son. I was hurt so deeply. I was not hurt because they couldn’t manage my son, but instead of trying to console him instead of trying to give him confidence that this will be finished in a matter of time and he can be happy with his teeth they tried to pressurize him.

The could have asked my support if they could not manage him alone. I was ready to help them because after all, the treatment was for my son, and I do not care who they are were, the reputation they have, and anything.

I was ready to help them and then asked them if I could do something that could calm him. But they rejected it and instead said I did not raise him correctly, that’s the reason all these problems are arising.

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