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Published: 09 October 2018

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Our company was directed to Lighthouse Capital Development LLC through a third party that was raising capital for our start up. The principals of Lighthouse Capital/Euro Direct Holdings stated that they were working with Questus Global Capital Markets and they were a LARGE SHAREHOLDER in this fund. We proceeded with the process with them and have in our possession contracts, loan agreements, distribution of funds agreements all signed by the principal Walter Cox. As well, we have two letters of proof of funds (dated 2011 and Feb. 2012) from a New York attorney firm; Boddied and Associates P.C, Corey D. Boddie. Our contract calls for all closing costs to be paid out at closing; however, later Walter Parsons told us that Questus required a $300,000 “”underwriting”” fee to be paid up-front and since we didn’t pay this fee and since they didn’t have “”enough equity ownership”” of the company….they didn’t think they would fund us. Throughout this process, we were told that they had to go to the Turks and Caicos and open a company, Euro Direct Holdings, as requested by the owner of the Questus Fund. They said they had a LARGE OWNERSHIP of this fund. This was the same story I read in another rip-off report about another firm soliciting this fund. Now our project was in the 10’s of millions. I called other companies that were listed in the Reuter’s press release and spoke to several other principals. I received back e-mail that simply said “”BEWARE”” and two that contacted me directly. One project on the table through Questus but with a different broker had a project in the 100 millions. To my knowledge, they paid the $300,000 fee and to this date are not funded either. Today I read on FE Investegate that the fund’s face value if $1,004,100. (see the copied text below) Questus Global Capital Market Ltd reports one billion in policies have been pledged to back their shares (QGCM) AMOUNT FACE AMOUNT $1,001,400.00 PORTFOLIO FACE VALUE $1,001,400.00 ASSIGNED and PLEDGED TO Questus Global Markets, LTD.…/20130211135958H7064 Common sense would then tell us that all these claims of major ownerhship with the ability to fund multiple million of dollars in venture capital are FALSE. So, where are all these underwriting fees going?…..besides to the Turks and Caicos where you’ll never see it again and like us, despite all the proper documentation, you will never see any funding.

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