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Published: 10 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Ok, I had to spend the whole day fighting these guys at this site They sell modules to people that buy a script. I put a PayPal dispute in to force them to give my money back. Check this out! I had created and account under my own IP and my cousin created one with his cellphone so he can pay for his own module. I loggged into his account later to download his purchase to implement on our site. Then later I logged in the next few days to buy the one I told him I would buy. I get this email stating I have two accounts which I didn’t. So, I had to fight this idiot on their site through half of the day to get the module in which I never got it. He got an attitide and told me if I dont like how the operation then dont use the site. So, if you log into a friends account to get something you two bought you are the one that created the account. Pure Stupid s***! They lost on money and now they will be known for their customer service here. They did refund my money after fighting them and wasted half of my day on stupid s***. As they could of looked up the PayPal transactions and saw we are two different accounts and people buying from their stupid a****. Im a reporting this because people do not know how to resolved an angry customer issue. Obviously, I wanted the module for our site or I wuldn’t of took my time to pay them for it! Also, instead of getting it a nulled copy I was trying to support the developers by buying it for them. So, f*** this site do not use it. They treat people that pay them like s***! There are other sites that do what they do better then these dudes.

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