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They are scammers, I tell you. 

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Published: 21 August 2019

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Lincolnton Family Dentistry is located in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Before going for a dentist you need to make sure that you have done research on the clinic and you are satisfied with it because clinics like Lincolnton Family Dentistry will be going to lie to you and only care about making their money without ensuring the health of their customers. These people are a bunch of greedy thieves and nothing else. I had a terrible experience here and I found that I’m not the only one.
Many people have shown their concerns that they are not welcomed properly Lincolnton Family Dentistry and thus they have decided to change their dental consultants. Customers have reported that Lincolnton Family Dentistry has not advanced methods and techniques to treat their patients and because of it, they have to go through a lot of agonies that’s why they would not recommend anyone to visit this clinic.
Dental clinics like Lincolnton Family Dentistry never care for patient’s health, they have untrained professionals and because of lack of knowledge they can’t clear any queries of customers, that’s why people should research before they visit a dental clinic.
Dental clinics like Lincolnton Family Dentistry are a money-making machine and will try to make their money from your hard sweat. As one of the customers reported that they were going to charge a whopping $3000 as compared to $500 was being charged by another dentist. So before going to a dental consultant, you should always make sure that you have a second opinion. You can get a second opinion from your friends and family because they are the ones who truly care about you and will not going to lie to you.
Let me share my experience now. Initially, they had told me that all of my expenses were covered by my insurance company but still, I was charged by Lincolnton Family Dentistry. I never got my maintenance cleaning which was supposed to be free under Lincolnton Family Dentistry but was still charged for the services which I never had. I had complained about this issue with the management of the clinic, but they didn’t bother to listen. I never got a refund. They didn’t even apologize to me for ripping me off.
Lack of professionalism and trained doctors can cost you much. One of the customers who went to Lincolnton Family Dentistry for regular cleaning for her mouth also had to go through a lot of agonies. The hygienist told her that she got a crack in her tooth so it will require a crown so that it can be cured. Because of the lack of professionalism from the doctor, he damaged one of the nerve in her mouth which caused pain and numbness in the mouth. The doctor prescribed her to consult an oral surgeon but refused to pay even a single penny for what he has done. This kind of attitude and commitment from the doctors disappoint the patients because it wastes their time and money both.

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