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Made my life living hell!

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Published: 11 July 2019

Posted by: Leonore

Well, I would like to state that Dr. Linda Dahl is not a very good doctor. She has her own pros and cons Positives first: She will promptly reply to your emails. You will get an appointment with her very quickly but there is a hell lot of management issue that needs to be taken care of.

Now there are few other traits I noticed in her. As long as you don’t ask her many questions, she will be friendly and will seem caring as well, but as soon as you start discussing your problems with her, she would get irritated real soon and would tell you to keep quiet. As soon as we start getting into details on something, she starts showing signs of impatience as if we are eating her time up and she needs to get over with us and visit her next patient. Her answers would be very short and to the point but she seems very distracted as a person from a patient’s point of view, this is basically not a good sign. A doctor has to communicate with their patient in order to know more about their disease and help them with their problem in a very delicate manner so that the patient also enjoys the company of the doctor. Doctor Linda, on the other hand, was a very quiet person, kind of a daydreamer.

I don’t understand why she only wants to get over with patient in 5 minutes or max 10 minutes even though the consultation charge is exorbitant. There are some rules and ethics to be followed by the respective doctor too as to give more time to their patient so that they don’t feel insecure about their health. When I took more of her time she started behaving in a very hasty manner as if she doesn’t care about the patient any further after an allocated time of 10 minutes.

If the doctor doesn’t even listen to you then what’s the use of having a meeting in the first place? Doctors like Linda lose her patience if a person takes more of her time and lose control of her anger too, which is way too rude for a patient. If she would’ve been just a little more patient, then it wouldn’t have bothered me. But the way she handled the meeting made me realize that she doesn’t give a darn about her patients. I wouldn’t trust a doctor who doesn’t even listen to the patients.

Overall, I would say she needs to be more empathetic towards patients, she won’t lose much if she gives extra 5 minutes to the patient and answers all her queries without any signs of rush and hastiness. Her careless resulted in me going through a number of different treatments. She didn’t even take a proper look at my symptoms. And it made my life hell. I am posting this review so it might help some of you to choose a wise and friendly doctor instead of an introvert.

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