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Published: 09 March 2021

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On Purchasing a Dealership in Spray-on Bed Lining. An Historical Comparison from Spray-Lining vs Line-X vs Rhino Linings and the Imposters: Increase Your Business Demand, But Don’t Get Scammed! | On Spray Lining Complaints: Few exist on Line-X dealers. Unlike all other spray lining vendors, Line-X is the only actual franchise. Smaller businesses may not justify franchise fees, regulations, costs big minimum orders or expensive equipment: “Line-X is the Highest-Cost Start up!”, or “Line-X is a Spray Lining Scam!”, but much of that Line-X quality is because of quality controls upon applicators, unnecessary with competing spray lining vendors reviewed. | As for any or all Spray-Lining vendor Scams, Line-X founder Claudio Burton left Rhino Linings’ Russell Lewis with his own, i.e. not Lewis’ formulations which were & still are superior. | All others are implementations of Line-X, Rhino or as in the case of some spray-on lining vendors, both. The first Rhino spinoff was seemingly Ultimate Linings which “merged with themselves”, in press releases, Xtreme Liners who was the “better” high pressure brand of that same owner. | Spray-Lining Reviews continued, developing as an industry with some, “poor man’s spray-on lining” like Qwik Liner, a low cost cartridge gun solution to high-cost, Graco equipment or GlasCraft spray lining guns. While the Ultimate-Xtreme merger was nothing but PR, the Ultimate Spray Lining scam is the fraud of misrepresentation in these cartridge systems. They function very poorly, are much more expensive than buying in drum sets and most if not all vendors of spray lining cartridge guns barely or never inform new applicators of isocyanate exposure, see CDC Site. | Before this safety-scam of hazardous spray-lining formulas was Speedliner, Super Liner (also known as Viper), Scorpion Coatings – also known as Als Liner for a tiny quantity at Rip Off rates with cheap (Harbor Freight) hopper gun for $55 (Harbor Freight sells em for $25). These poor-mans spray-on linings are not the worst quality if you’re trying to start a low cost bedliner business. Just realize that if you get busy a true franchise has its advantages. One is ethics: All these low cost imitations prove, “You get what you pay for”, that is LESS QTY FOR HIGHER PRICES WITHOUT FULL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS OF CARCINOGENIC INGREDIENTS. Other Spray-on Scams are poor boy’s customer support services. | You, the businesspersons are not the only victims of Line-X imitators scamming you into believing you’re buying a high-quality Spray-Lining product at OEM cost. How ’bout your customers? Simple: Lower quality bedliner at higher price with less technical support translate to improper preparation, low mil heights, i.e. THINNER bedliner than required for great lasting lining jobs, and less product qualities than the Poly Hybrid or Polyurea Spray-on Lining that Line-X require. Therefore Spray Lining complaints not only scam your business clientele, without full disclosure of potential cancer these are worse than complaints of the Spray Lining product; this is 100% professional, white collar criminal! | How to be in this business and avoid the “Ultimate Spray-on Lining Scam”: | 1- Know that Line-X is a standard in Spray-on Bedliners; you pay for using that nationally known, credible, quality name, | 2- Decide if that name at $204,000.00 average can amortize itself within a reasonable time for your budget. see Franchise Review of Line-X, | 3- Decide if bedliners or similar jobs fit your schedule, shop size and crew. Remember that to spray Line-X you need a professional paint booth (Line-X is honest about safety issues). For any zones that might not require a booth, full respirator suit is a must, usually along with specialized permissions to spray polyureas in public if you’re jobbing is to be mobile, | 4- Compare all competing Spray Lining Dealership Competitors. | 5- REFERENCE FACT: Sales reps whom expect you to just believe them, spend thousands of dollars with no verifiable people who are satisfied, with easy contact info, several of them with human, imperfect but credible referrals; well these are MOST reps, right? These common reps who thrive on your stupidity are just that: stupid. References should be available & should not be only the “best” clients. Require several cases- bad ones are great if you wish to learn what may go wrong. I believe an honest vendor should have no fear of comments that are not all that positive. Especially in vending & supporting a business opportunity in an imperfect market (world). | 6- Get ALL, that is 100% of your questions, risk assessments, fears; every detail answered in full. Whatever issues cannot be answered must be documented. Now contact another vendor with that same issue; see what they say.

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