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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Attachment to some material things cannot be explained in a few words. There are feelings involved. As we all know, sentimental value is attached to a thing not because of the price tag or its beauty but because of various reasons such as – sentimental value or an emotional backstory. All of us have that one special thing that we would never part with till out last breath. For me, that was my father’s truck. Due to a sudden heart-attack, he passed away recently. I had to be strong to take care of my family but being a human being myself, I had my bad phases too. He had this truck that he loved more than himself. Whenever I missed him, I just went to the garage and stood beside it as it reminded me of him. Despite having my car, I decided to get my dad’s truck back to its functional condition.
The very first thing I did was get its internal parts fixed. It took me almost a month to find a shop that agreed to fix it. At last, it got fixed and started operating normally. The next thing I did was get the windows polished. The dust that had deposited itself was washed off and the windows looked as good as new. After all this, I got the car washed. After washing, the truck seemed brand new. My father loved the colour of the car and therefore I decided to get it wrapped in a protection film. This was the important thing that needed to be done and therefore I took my time to go through all suitable places offering the services. After almost searching and reading for a week, I decided to go for Line-X of El-Cajon. I chose the place because it seemed that taking care of trucks and renovating them was their speciality.
I called the place first but there was no answer from their side. I decided to take the truck down there myself. I reached the place and approached an employee and had a long talk with him regarding the truck. I was assured of the quality of service by the employee. He told me they only opt for the best and most rugged protection films. After the quality of assurance I got, I was convinced that I would not be disappointed. I paid the bill and came back home. All I had to do now was wait for my dad’s truck to look fresh and new.
After a week, I went to collect my truck and I could not have been happier about it. I reached the place and waited anxiously for it. As soon as I laid eyes on the truck, my heart broke into a million pieces. After all the assurance I had got from the employee, I saw that there were scratches on the newly polished windows, broken headlights and to top that, the ‘rugged’ protection film did not even cover the whole truck. I was too devastated to argue about this and all I did was take back the truck and drive back home. I would recommend you or rather strongly advise you to stay the heck away from Line-X of El-Cajon unless you want to waste your money, time and happiness.

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