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Published: 23 April 2020

Posted by: judie griffin

Good evening I am very concerned about a Silentnight product I bought at Linens Direct in Harrow HA1 1JU today at 15:30. I bought a Silentnight Superspring mattress topper – double size. When I left the shop I noticed the packaging had a red sticker saying ‘not quite perfect’ which hadn’t been pointed out to me. I returned and asked the sales assistant Mark about this. He replied “I have no idea” and just stood there looking at me. I tried again in another way and explained that if I was buying a product I would quite like to know what it meant. I showed Mark that the bag looked like it had be opened and re packaged, not very neatly and not how I would expect a new product to look like. Upon showing this to Mark, he was not willing to give or seek from another staff member, any information to help me other than the lines might not be right or a refund. His whole demeanor was most unhelpful and his silence and stern expression was very uncomfortable, so I said thank you and left the store. I decided to keep the item and check it more at home myself. However when I returned home and took the item out, I noticed a few anomalies. Although the card (picture attached) in the clear plastic wrapping says Silentnight with the correct logo and information, the label on the actual product (mattress topper) does not say Silentnight (picture attached). In fact it says a completely different brand – Domo. The label on the actual product is in a different language with no Silentnight logo or product description in English but does mention’ makedonia’ which I’m guessing is Macedonia. I began to grow even more concerned and suspicious about this. In addition on the Silentnight card in the clear plastic wrapping bag it said polyester and cotton but on the label its says 100 % poliester (which would seem to be polyester in macadonian). The product described on the Silentnight card in the packaging is not the actual product within the bag. I looked at pictures on line of what the product should look like – it showed squares and a thicker looking topper. On the item I bought it has wavy lines and is much thinner looking -pictures attached for you. If a customer buys a product in good faith and the product is not what it says or what it has been sold as, then this is clearly a very serious matter. I rang the store straight away and Mark answered – who I had dealt with previously. I asked him if he remembered me from half an hour ago in his store and calmly stated the problem. There was silence. I said ‘ I was hoping you could help me with this’. Mark said ‘I cant help with that’. I was quite alarmed by such a response. I tried again and said ‘I was just trying to find out if my product was actually a Silentnight product or not’. Mark said ‘I dont know anything about that’ and proceeded to be as disinterested as possible and offered no solution. In fact he came across as rather rude. I was quite upset and tried to explain to Mark that I was just trying to work out if I had been sold a product under a different name that wasn’t actually silentnight and had been put in the wrong packaging. Marks response was ‘You need to contact head office for a statement’ or ‘you could come in for a refund’. He clearly was not bothered and could not wait to get me off the phone. His rudeness and unhelpfulness shocked me and he had zero interest in resolving my discomfort and the more serious problem of goods possibly being sold under a pretense of a known brand. Neither did he at any time put me at ease or offering any solution. Clearly there are a number of issue here including appalling customers service from a Linens Direct store but this is more serious if substandard products from another country are actually being packaged and sold by Linens Direct as Silentnight products. I had bought the product in good faith as my elderly mother is coming to visit on Thursday and I wanted her bed to be comfortable as possible and this product had been recommended to me by a work colleague. However I am left with something that clearly is not Silentnight though it was sold under this remit and a very unhelpful and almost rude sales assistant who could only comment for me to spend even more time contacting head office and Silent night themselves. I do not want to revisit the store again after this and would be most grateful if you investigated this in line with the consumer rights act and let me know of the outcome and what can be offered please. I am now left with a product I paid for which isnt what I was led to believe, wasted time, no good quality mattress topper for my family visit in four days and a dreadful point of contact at the store who I have no wish to ever speak with again. Could you please prioritise these issues while you run your investigations? your sincerely Judie Griffin

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