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Published: 21 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had my profile on Linkedin and I had made a connection with a man named Johnson Adams. In his profile he listed that he was a loan lender in London England, UK. I sent him out and inmail and asked if his company lended money to people in the US. He sent me a reply back on Linkedin and said that yes he did and told me what he needed to get started. I had been scammed in the past and there was just something about him that I didn’t trust. I looked up what he said was the name of his company and found nothing. I tried connecting with people he had as his connections on Linkedin, but couldn’t find what I needed. So I decided to ask a friend of mine to see what she could turn up on him. Long story short the information he gave me was fake, the phone he listed came up as The Hard Rock Cafe in London England. He must have somehow realized I was checking up on him because he reported me in some way to Linkedin and they restricted my access to their website. I asked Linkedin to give me a reason why they had restricted me and the only thing they would say is that I broke their rules by sending messages to people I didn’t know, sent out mass messages, spamming, phishing and so on. None of these things I did, but it didn’t matter what I said. So they would rather have on their webpage known con artists and thieves, known pedophiles and the like. These are whose profiles they have on their company website, but I am banned. Linkedin cares more about the prestige of the profiles and of course the money they are receiving for their goods and services than they care about the actual real profiles of some of these people. They are a fraud also. .

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