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Published: 30 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

To my fellow colleagues in the media and news industry as well as publishers. Please beware of a man named Darnell Booker, the Author of a book entitled “Love is Painful Sometimes” exploiting homosexuality and focusing on the urban demographic. This man had come to me for a consultation for public relations on his book, without budget for press/media, nor any marketing on the project to begin with. After an initial review of his pitch and one sheet prior to any dialogue, I offered for him to have a phone converstaion regarding the issues I saw with the press and branding, which attached to this report clearly show numerou issues in grammatical and spelling errors which concerned me for his brand. | I had also passed the pitch to a few colleagues that are nationwide that are in fact openly gay, married to African Americans, or other minorities for their opinion so that I could give Mr. Booker a frank, unbiased opinion on the concept of his book and the best route for him to follow for Public Relations as well as branding. | When this was explained to Mr. Booker, not only did he attack me verbally, and in written form, he proceeded to attack my character, stating that I can not do my job, and that he could buy me ten times over and then fire me. Despite the fact that I explained to him that publicists work on a contract of 6-12 months (although I do 3 month contracts in order to reevaluate a client’s needs every quarter) he then in a pompous fashion said that no “agent” would ever do that with him, because he pays month to month. | After more than two hours of insults to my character, assaulting my practices and myself personally, I had to block this man’s number and he finally confirmed and acknowledged in his own words that he actually was in fact broke and simply could not afford to hire representation. | After discussing this situation with fellow colleagues in numerous professional forums that I belong to on LinkedIn and PR platforms on an international level without dislosing Mr. Booker’s name, I was interested in finding out what my colleagues would have done in this scenario. Every single person agreed that he was abusive, manipulative and looking to bully a publicist into getting free marketing and press and to RUN. I was grateful that my gut instinct to block him was right and I wish to advise others in the media industry to be aware of this man’s manipulative practice and abusive behavior which is callous and unprofessional in order to get a quick book by selling a book that is not only disrespectful to the urban community but the LGBT community as well.

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