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Published: 10 October 2018

Posted by: Debby Archer

Here’s the information from their website: 1. founded in 2015 2. 25 investments and counting 3. it’s called the best micro venture capital 1. it’s true, but so what? It’s worse. You had 4 years to improve everything, to make it look much better 2. Yes, not bad to have so many investments, but… Do we have to believe these words or maybe there should be a portfolio provided? What do you think? 3. Let’s see when, where and who called them the best ones. When? In 2015 (now it’s 2019). Where and who? A guy from twitter. Garry BUIDL Tan. Maybe his opinion is important, but again, it’s been four years. Are Liquid 2 Ventures still the best? Who knows, maybe they paid for being mentioned. Because it’s a very weak advert. And very questionable. Now let’s get back to their website. You won’t see anything that would inspire confidence? Address? Somewhere in San Francisco. The team. Three people with terrible photos and small unclear bios, but with lots of social media links… Official social media profiles? I see Facebook, Twitter, and is clickable, the rest is not. Still want me to continue?

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