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Published: 20 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

He will: -ask you about your life and pretend to be interested -make sure his kids and wife are there when he speaks to you on the phone (pretender to be a harmless family man) -after you send your payment he will make up an excuse as to why the payment did not get to him and he will assure you that you will be refunded -After you send your first payment he will threaten that he will not refund you unless you send another payment -he has fake pictures -he has fake employees -he’s a very good liar -When you comment on it being a scam he preaches about how he wouldn’t want his kids to be brought up that way I have proof that the payments I sent got to him. I even called Western Union multiple times asking if the payments got to him. He is a scammer, sadly I found out when it was too late. Search his name on google and there will be many scam claims. There is a Sythe thread devoted to a police report filed against him. Bring this SOB to justice please.

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They won’t send all the parts. they won’t answerr phone messages or e-mail messages or return a voice mail. extremely bad

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