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Published: 17 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously sucks big time. I’ve bought several auctions from them. Most from “online returns”, which you I find out is Amazon. It’s their returns. They state SOME of the items will be used or damaged. Lets change that to 90% or better is damaged, used, broke, unusable, not resellable. It’s Amazons returns. And the items are not resellable for the most part. If the stuff is broke when returned JUNK IT. Amazon should not be reselling this junk to unsuspecting customers who think there is some value left. I know it’s not Amazon directly doing this but now the people reading this will. I have too many issues with to go into specifics. Here are a couple. Shorted on a pallet. Received a 6′ high pallet and couldn’t break it down while UPS driver waited, so signed for it. That was it. I was shorted $400 out of a $1000 pallet. Lost money on that. Neither Liquidation ripoff nor UPS would help. Just opened one of the last boxes from this last shipment. Broke shelves, dirty clothing and bedding, torn items, some of the $5 items are ok. Unable to get my money back on another shipment. Gave them the benefit of the doubt for 3 shipments. Not doing anymore business with them. I won’t be able to recover the thousands I’ve invested trying to buy items and resell them. A friend has had similar problems with the electronics they purchased from Missing parts, broke merchandise. Just pissing me off every time I open a box from them. Gotta have trained apes working there who check in returns either there or Amazon who can’t tell the difference between returns because of ordering the wrong item and one that was put on a couch and had the dog sleep on it for a week. If it’s got dog hair it shouldn’t be returnable. And if Amazon or deems it returnable for any reason DON”T sell it to person supposedly buying good merchandise to resell. You will read other posts stating ” good , don’t buy them, more for the rest of us, you have to expect some damage, I’ve been making a living buying their crap, Their stuff isn’t as bad as these posts state”, DON”T BELIEVE IT. These are shil posters. You realize this after dealing with them after a couple shipments. You will be able to sell a couple things but you won’t recover your $$$ and you will work for nothing. And it’s alot of work trying to figure out what all the problems are. I didn’t look the items over as close as I should have until I sold some small appliances that didn’t work, curtains that were the wrong size, electric blankets that wouldn’t work after an hour of use etc. I sold things on Ebay and had my account destroyed because of JUNK items that had issues you would not find out about until it had been used for a while. Now we unpack and try everything out extensively and find out all the problems BEFORE we ship stuff, thereby finding out how much of this stuff is ABSOLUTE JUNK. Don’t Do Business With JUNK JUNK JUNK

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