Lisa Taylor

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Lisa Taylor is a whore who can’t keep a man

Lisa Taylor is your typical home-wrecking slut. She has never stopped to think about how her actions affect other people and their relationships. So many times, the men she flirts with and tries to sleep with are in serious relationships with other women, but that hasn’t stopped her even once. She obviously can’t get a man of her own, for anything longer than a one night stand.
She knows she’s a whore. Maybe that’s why she’s so unhappy with her life? I can’t think of any other reason why a person would do the horrible things she does. She shames all the women in the world thanks to her whorish ways. She has absolutely no morals or self-respect. I hope there are no young women in her life, because I can’t think of a worse role model for anyone than her.
I hope she’s at least happy with the guy she’s currently with, although I seriously doubt it. One dick has NOT satisfied her in the past. The asshole will deserve it when she dumps him. Both of them deserve to get their hearts broken, because I know for a fact that they’ve done the same thing to other people.

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