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I have Tinnitus and it makes life quite difficult for me.

I have been suffering from this problem for a few years and now my hearing ability has been ruined to a harmful extent. It is difficult for me to understand what other people are saying, I have to rely mostly on lip reading and it has made everyday tasks quite a hassle for me. Last year, my loving wife bought Listenclear for me on her name. Even though the bill was on her name, I was paying the money. I got the basic product, an invoice, order ID and serial number. I didn’t receive any details about the due date. I haven’t received any invoices regarding how many payments are to be done, I had to deposit the money by based on guess work. My wife told me that I should make the payment as it had been a little longer than a month. I contacted the company and told them I wanted to make the payment. However, they told me that my payment was 2 months due and it was really difficult for me to understand this fact. My particular product had difficulties as well. I told them that I am hearing constant background noise in the product and Listenclear is not working as it should be. The staff was not very helpful and it took me 2 hrs. To convince them that my product really is damaged and it needs work. Not only was that, to solve the problem all they did to send me a couple of new wires. Recently, those issues have started bugging me again; I can separate the background noise from the normal noise. However, my hearing has improved a little but I’m pretty sure it is not because of the product as I don’t use it very often because of the lack of noise separation. My wife and I paid $1,600 for these hearing aids, we are not very rich and affording that kind of money is not an easy task for us. Especially when the hearing aids don’t even work properly. I have returned the product, but the company still charges my savings account to this day. I have contacted those people dozens of times but they just ignore my query. I don’t know what to do.

Listenclear might have helped a couple of people at least that is what they say in their portfolio; however, my experience with them has been totally opposite. They claim that they can improve your hearing and make it easy for you to do day to day task even if you have impaired hearing, but their product doesn’t seem to fulfil this promise. To top things off, their customer service is just remarkable; they made me explain my situation to them TWICE in a single call and didn’t even resolve the issue. If you are looking for some hearing aids then definitely don’t go with Listenclear, I’m pretty sure that there are much better alternatives in the market, which don’t have such rubbish issues.

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