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Published: 29 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My first response to a customer satisfaction survey : Will you please tell Litvin Law Firm to talk to me when I call them, or at least return phone calls ? It is very frustrating to me when my future is hanging in the air and I can’t find what, if anything, is happening. When I have been able to actually talk to someone, after repeatedly calling at least four times, it is someone I haven’t heard from before – which I suspect means it got “delegated” down the line until somebody couldn’t dodge it. So from a probably incompletely informed source I wound up learning that nothing was happening. There must be something by now. I am seriously considering dropping Litvin, and talking to Chase directly. At least then I will know exactly what the situation is. A further response to the satisfaction survey (2 weeks later) : I was told a conference with Chase would occur on September 6. By 5 PM on September 7 I had received no word from Litvin with results of the conference, if it happened. At this point I dispensed with their services (I had to leave messages, of course). After noon today (September 10) I will call Chase directly and begin negoitiations on my own behalf. I will not use anything that Litvin may (or may not have) set up. To sum up, I have dispensed with Litvin Law Firm because they would not keep me informed unless harassed (by multiple phone calls to get past the switchboard) or theatened (by being dropped). And after ten months I can not see where any progress has been made. The only thing I can see is that I am further behind than when this all started. And finally, my concerns with Litvin Law Firm, and how they were addressed : My first concern was that Litvin Law Firm was taking my money and not showing any progress. My second concern was a distinct lack of information from Litvin. Both of these concerns have kept me feeling very frustrated, confused, and angry. I have addressed the first concern by dispensing with Litvin’s “services”, and ordering my bank to not allow Litvin to take any more money from my account. I have addressed the second concern by talking to Chase’s legal group directly. Now I know that the house was actually sold a month ago, and we are one month into the redemption period already. This confirmed my fear about a serious lack of progress: why wasn’t a refinance offer made before the sale? And the (deliberate?) non – communication kept this lack of progress hidden. to sum up, hiring Litvin Law Firm was not a good idea. After 10 months I have lost $6,000, I am further behind than when the mess started, and our house is now probably lost. This is NOT what should have been accomplished. I would suggest that someone with a mortgage problem should have nothing to do with Litvin Law Firm. You can do better talking to the mortgage company on your own; it will be cheaper, and less frustrating and I mean all of it.

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