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Published: 09 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Liv plastic surgery andrew ress andrew ress, ress lastic surgery, butcher of boca rip off plastic surgery, horrible boca raton surgeon, andrew ress boca raton florida So glad to see i’m not alone in my regret/disappointment w/ this place! wish i’d read some of these & the ‘filtered’ ones earlier! Honestly i’ve been lil weary of writing this since *they watch this site* they even made up flyers that say “give us a good review on yelp and google reviews!” & actually hand them to you & tell you to on your way out! seriously! very unorganic & really says alot i think now looking back Though they didn’t do that until my last followup visit here about a 18 mo. Ago). I had “smart”lipo *twice* because 1st time didn’t make a huge difference. But guess what? The 2nd time it didn’t either & it hurt like a m*therf*cker! 2x and counting: apparently i’m allowed to go back for more free surgeries until i’m happy w/ it which is nice on paper but judging on his attitude while having to do it over and the way he dug in there differently than the 1st time *harder* w/ more ~blood coming out~ and hardly any fat, i swear he seemed mad at my skin! and just wanted to do it extra hard so that he wouldn’t have to do it/see me ever again. Accordingly even though i suppose i could go back a 3rd time and 4th, etc. Again- the girl said ‘for the rest of your life’ & again looking back- not a great vote of confidence!) but since he hasn’t got it right 2 times & the 2nd time was so much worse than the 1st it’s like ‘fool me once.. Oh & i have scars + instead of enough of the fat i now have hard, hard to get rid of *scar tissue* in there! granted i am a slow healer and scar easy but still sucks! that reminds me- when i said that him and his lady friend From the mother county!) yelled at me cuz i didn’t “massage”. No joke i honestly heard them say that but because of their accent i couldn’t understand half of what they were saying & thought they said ‘message’!) Anyway, like i said i don’t think i’ll be back but i’m sure after writing this i probably wouldn’t be welcome anyway since the phony-but-nice girls probably have to report this to dr ress. Even if not though- like i said unless i want more blood taken *i’m over it*! i’m burning my bridges here i guess, but it feels good to let it out! sure he’s an ok guy, but obviously liposuction isn’t his strong suit. he took my “before” pictures but even w/ the 2nd surgery and follow ups he never took my “after” pictures!~ Mercy star for the small difference *but* it’s been 2 years since then and i’ve lost some weight so it’s really hard to know whether it was this or just me. It bothers me every day cuz really i’ll never know and i went and popped my plastic cherry here for nothin’. Basically i chalk it up to a bad time in my life where i had a buncha cash. Like i didn’t even check him at all really- just did it. Hopefully this helps someone else cuz even if you’re rich like i was: it’s not worth it. .

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