Fake Promises and Money Looting is all they do!

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Shaun

I cannot imagine Dr. Andrew Ress, known to be the best surgeon does such ill-treatments to his patients just so to rip off some cash, forgetting all the basic ethics of humanity. I really want you to rot in hell. You made my entire life miserable and I hope through this, your real picture can come forward and other people can see your real face.

To start with, I was suggested to visit their clinic through a friend who seemed to know one of the staff members there. They first made a simple examination and then, in order to extort as much money as they could, they started doing such things. At first, I was insisted to do one surgery which then led to another and then one more, telling that my condition was not considered good. I had to agree as I was in need of making my face look better and those marks to get eliminated.

I was asked to pay $ 3000 in the beginning and the total amount went up to $ 8000 which was way beyond my planned budget, but I had to accept it as I was tired of my marks and wanted to get rid of them as quickly as I could. They told me the whole process would take about 8 months and the desired results would show up in a year or so. Even the staff seemed so helpful and friendly. Had I known the true intentions behind their smiles, I would never have made the mistake of paying all the amount in full. I was convinced in paying the amount in full as it was just a one-time investment and my life would be better after that.

Since the day I had made the payment, I could sense some tantrums coming from the doctor as well as the other staff. Whenever I scheduled an appointment, it was canceled telling that the doctor would not be available, later did I know that the doctor became busy in looting more baits coming to this clinic so as to earn some more amount even before doing anything.

After about a month, I got a call of my appointment finally being scheduled and I went for my surgery. The surgeon came late by an hour, and then the surgery took place. After about 6 months of treatment, my face started to look bizarre and I was literally shattered as I had realized I was a victim of a fraudulence. I became straight-forward and asked for a refund, the doctor became reluctant and said my condition needed some time on medications.
Thank God, I had taken the second opinion from a consultant in those months when they had completed the treatment and to my surprise, all the reports were forged. At that moment, I realized I was in serious trouble and needed to get out of it. I told the doctor about how he had deceived me and he started blaming me for things I had not even done. I had never thought a doctor would lie on my face. I directly asked for a refund as per their own policies because I just want to have my money back as this treatment had cost me way more than what I could afford.

Not only this, I have even searched for some online review and found that he had committed similar things with other people as well. He made fake promises and then, everything changes once the payment is made. I was devastated on reading a review by one of his employees who stated clearly how he had been forging the reports of his patients. I sighed with relief that at least people have started to open up about him. I really don’t understand how could he still practice when his license should be canceled? I wish Surgeon Andrew Ress pays for what he has done to my face. He deserves to be in jail after these things he has been doing from the past many years.

For all the people who are still believing in their services, kindly pay attention to what his true motives are and do not believe what they tell everyone. He has befooled all with his fake commitments and I also think his previous showcase of results are also not real. This clinic is full of fraudsters and you can trust no one. They are just interested in your money and nothing else. Once you have paid all the money, they don’t care about your treatment and even indulge in forged reports. Even the employees change their colors after you make the full payment, beware of such people who play with other people’s life losing all the humanity.

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