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Published: 18 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

After reaching out to us about printing shirt. We gathered money from our promoters for 43 shirts to be printed. We even send him money 40$ additional for gas because he said he couldn’t make the promised delivery date. After we send the gas money (second failed delier btw) we did not hear from him for weeks untill we filed a dispte on pay pal and a wrote some reviews on fabebook. Then he started writing my insulting emails, threating to write negitive review on our company if we did not take down the bad reviews. (Obviously this guy isent to bright, stealing from a promotion company and such) From Patrick Willams “I tried to hook you up, shit happened, couldn’t do it, you acted a fool and to me thats pretty stupid Feel free to leave more and more negative reviews. Reach out to ever person you know and let them know how horrible of an experience you had. Call everybody and do all that you can to destroy my rep and my business thats existed for 11 years now. Funny that you went out of your way to pull your folks together against me after my mishap but before I didn’t get a mention, a tweet, share, comment, nada… Says something about you. Honestly, go out of your way and try realllllllllyyyyy hard to make me look bad cause you didn’t get 43 shirts. Patrick D. Williams (510)999-4658 Need any more information about me just let me know, hit up yelp, better business bureau, google plus, twitter, YouTube, i mean there’s so many sites you and your promoters could talk shit about me on, your waisting your time emailing me, shit, you not getting a refund is the best thing you got going, soak it for what its worth. Earn everyon!!!!! Patrick id just a drug dealer , gun toakn, mo fo in disguise. He was on American greed for running a custom tshirt ponzee scheme from his personal Facebook where he made $30 million and was never scene again after jay left him bsd reviews. Matter of fact, Mine as well leave my music some bad reviews too right? Shirt business, Patrick, artist, don’t matter right? Cus your shirts n refund didn’t go right. Now, the world stops and Patrick is a criminal, send him to jail for ever, throw away the key, cause i didn’t get my shirts for $2.50 each. White people ” end quoat Patrick Willams , CEO of Legit legit. More Horrable reviews here >>

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