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Published: 12 October 2018

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. After my visit in ER, battling swelling on the left side of my face, numbness, throbbing pain, red swollen and watery eye for 8 months I found out I had a left bottom tooth abscess. This whole condition was very hard on me; I was feeling very tired and uncomfortable all the time. I was referred to Dr. Tao for the root canal on that tooth. When I went to her office, she said to me that the swelling actually comes from the top tooth on the left, where there is an infection, and it needs to be treated first. This was never mentioned in the ER, but since Dr. Tao is supposed to be a specialist, I trusted her and agreed to the treatment of the top tooth first; I just wanted to start feeling good and healthy again! It took 2 visits to get this root canal done. On the first visit, she also put me on antibiotic for 10 days. I have to say she did the root canal really fast and effortless, but after I was done with the 2 visit treatment and antibiotics, all the symptoms started coming back again and I continued to suffer. So I went to get a second opinion from my primary dentist, who referred me to another well known, wonderful root canal specialist because I suspected she fixed a wrong tooth since I still felt very ill. They were both astounded by how bad the bottom was and said that the abscess on the bottom is all over my gum and it was critical to fix. And she, being a specialist, should’ve known that. All the x-rays I had done before visit at Dr. Tao’s office and after prove that as well. Obviously, she had all the medical findings from the emergency room at the time of her work which clearly outlined my condition. I find it difficult to believe she studied the findings. Then I got a letter from Dr. Tao to my home stating that I have to come back ASAP to fix the bottom tooth because she is concerned about my abscess. The abscess should’ve been fixed first. Since this cost me a lot of money, I am a single mom and just wanted to feel healthy again, I also didn’t feel like she helped me, I called her office to get some kind of credit for her mistake. And I understand everybody makes mistakes, but when I called, her secretary firmly said “NO” to any refund. I called one more time to explain my situation, since I didn’t have money anymore to fix the tooth that really needed the treatment and I was hoping for some kind of help from Dr. Tao. I couldn’t believe they hung up on me when I was seeking help medically; like slamming a door in my face. How could anyone believe she is interested in helping her patients? I question her expertise in her field. I felt betrayed with no options. How could she really allow a receptionist to handle her medical errors? A single mom on a very tight budget, working with this painful condition and they refused to correct or refund this gross error. I would hope this review will alert others from experiencing what I have in the hands of this dentist. If you have ever just had a tooth ache, you can imagine 8 months of constant pain and sleepless nights as well as eye discomfort. I went in to see Dr. Tao trusting her with my dental work only to suffer even more than I had before. .

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