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Well, the only thing worse than a collapsing economy is thieves trying to rip you off during that ti

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Published: 29 August 2017

Posted by: Laura A. Gonzalez

Let’s start with a bit of the background!
This fella is quite familiar with our justice and legal systems, as he has been in and out of the court (and jails) for a while. Here is something that I found on this guy in less than 3 minutes of google searching:
Case 1 Riverside County Superior Court RIF108001
1 HS 11359 Felony Poss. of Marijuana for Sale 01/02/2003 GUILTY CONVICTED
Case 2 Riverside County Superior Court RIF118953
1 PC 273.5(E) Felony Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant 08/26/2004 GUILTY CONVICTED
Case 3 Riverside County Superior Court RIM431684
1 PC 243(E) (1) Misdemeanor Battery on Spouse/Cohabit/Pare 02/11/2003 GUILTY CONVICTED
There is much more than this guys and it’s all pretty much public. Now that you know what kind of a scumbag Moe is, we can proceed to the direct grievance I have with this moron!
He had a company called Loan Safe Solutions, which was primarily focused on the resolution of mortgage troubles and various other legal issues regarding loan defaults and foreclosures. My nephew worked for this prick! And when I say worked, I mean worked his sorry ass off! He had him doing laborious tasks in almost insane working conditions, and he had him dealing with the toughest and angriest clients!
Trust me when I tell you, that type of work leaves a mark on a man. My nephew was drained every day when he got home from work. But I cannot complain about that, it was his choice and his alone. But then the housing market collapsed. AND THIS RETARD MOE BLAMED IT ON EVERYONE, INCLUDING HIS EMPLOYEES.
He fired all of his staff, but not only that, he GAVE TERRIBLE recommendations to EVERYONE. Who the fuck was this guy?
And naturally, most of the workers sued him. Then the dirty stuff he did came into the public’s eye. When I said this guy was ripping people off in the middle of the financial and housing crisis, this is what I meant:
His websites,, and who knows how many others, were focused on “helping” people that have been struck by the housing market collapse and help them fight the banks in the foreclosure cases. This prick was so fucking “invested” in this cause, he even organized protests in front of a couple of banks. But what he was doing was actually sickening!
On these websites, he gave the visitors (who were btw in dire financial troubles), wrong advice and recommendations, all geared towards directing them to certain law offices to “help” them work out their loan defaults. But he got a percentage of every client that went to those offices, and they all got scammed. None of them managed to save their houses, but these bastards still charged them thousands and thousands in legal fees. A great portion of those fees went directly to this asshole’s pockets!!!

And when the people got angry, HE BLAMED IT ON HIS WORKERS, AGAIN! They were stuck dealing with angry clients that got scammed while he was preparing to let them all go. Motherfucker!!!
What kind of a sicko do you have to be to do that? I get that the big banks were greedy and that they are responsible for the crisis in the first place, but even they started doing the work on the up and up when the crisis struck. BUT THIS GUY continued to scam people for years after that.
And ok that was years ago, why am I venting now you ask?
He again has a new scam. WTF? Are we all retarded and he is the only smart person in America? How come this prick is not serving a life sentence? Or at least the one he has been sentenced to!
This guy again changed his story, and now he is a “Marketing Specialist”. He again has a couple of new companies that are doing business as usual. And NOBODY SEEMS to give a fuck. Am I the only one outraged by this prick’s actions or is it just the fact that no one really pays attention until they get scammed? This fucking idiot has to be stopped, and I simply cannot believe that we as a country are powerless to stand up to scumbags like this one.

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