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Published: 22 August 2019

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Being a businessman, you always think about earning more and more profit. You make all the necessary strategies and motivate your employees to make sure you achieve this goal.
And a great way to boost your sales is to hire a marketing agency, like Local Splash. They are SEO service providers located in Fountain Valley, California. According to their profile, they are the best when it comes to search engine optimization. They will do their best to attract more traffic every day for the betterment of your business. If you chose them, you will have no fear of losing sales or market share. But what I experienced is the total opposite of their claims.
I started freelancing a while ago and after some time, I decided to start my own website and was searching for the perfect firm that could help me with this. I came across several names and Local Splash struck me. Their profile was compelling and I asked them to build me a website so that I can have more readers to my blog and more work too. They asked for a week and even said to handle the website on their own. I thought I will be free from the maintenance hassles. I was happy with this and agreed on whatever cost I had to pay. After two weeks, I went to the website and the situation made me so angry that I wanted to kill them at first. I had a lot of readers in the first two days and then all of a sudden the views started to decrease. I had been giving links to the website to my clients as well and I was wondering why I am not getting any work. The answer after viewing the website was clear. A lot of content was already done by me and I had asked the website manager to put it on the website but he did not do so. No more than two or three articles were seen on the page. I contacted them and they disagreed to the maintenance of the website. I paid them heavily and still, there were no results. Instead, they put the whole blame on me that I was going to handle it myself.
When I contacted another digital agency, the situation got clear for me. Those bastards had used black-hat SEO techniques for boosting the ranks of my website. That’s why I was attracting so many visitors during the first few days of their operation. They had used those techniques without even consulting with me. I would’ve never hired these thieves if I knew they’d be using black hat techniques for the promotion of my website. Google must’ve found out the black hat they had implemented and so, it punished my website. It took a lot of effort and time to get my site back on track. I’m happy that I left the services of these guys in time. If I had relied on them any longer, I might’ve lost my website completely, apart from all the time and money I had spent already.

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