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Published: 04 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Syd Michael has been involved with several companies. From Credit Repair Summit, to Local Training Academy, to National Direct Mail, to Spike Promotions, and more. The one thing all of these companies have in common is that they don’t sell anything tangible. Everything is created out of Syd Michael’s imagination. I should have known better. I did my research after I bought into one of his automotive marketing training gigs from Automotive Strategies. It was also called “Digital Sales Academy”. What a bunch of worthless stuff. Sydney guaranteed I’d get more sales. The only thing I got from his training was a bunch of bills! Everything he provided was easily found on the internet. These “training academies” are just hyped up motivational tools. This is a warning to anyone considering buying training from Syd Michael, beware! Do a background check on him! He is listed on a different complaint on this website for one of his other companies where he scammed someone for not delivering the direct mail they had purchased. He took a check for several thousand dollars and didn’t deliver! He is a vulgar person and it shows on his Youtube page. His own moto says Automotive SEO Search, Reputation Management, Social, Direct Mail & Real Time Bidding, Next Level Shit! Who puts that on their business Youtube page? I find it funny he sells reputation management! Please do your research! I paid nearly a thousand dollars and I feel duped. Everything Syd deals with is connected to “training sessions” or “coaching” or other video and webinar courses. There is no personal training. They even talk about how to get fake reviews, fake ratings, and even how to get removed from websites like this one! Again I find this ironic since this isn’t the first scam report against Syd. You can also find a report about him on The Dirty where he must have really scammed someone for them to have put him on there! I would love to get my money back! I told them that I didn’t benefit from their coaching and they just directed me to more training videos. I was expecting to learn some secret to sales and marketing to car dealerships but beyond a few industry keywords, it is just common sense. I don’t need to be told that Facebook and Youtube are amazing tools. Everyone knows this. Buyer beware! Simply do your research first.

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