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Published: 10 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Richard Trieber, his wife Cinder Braudaway and her son, George Braudaway bought a Medical Marijuana delivery service from me called Powerplant and Richard Trieber conned me into providing all the documentation prior to receivng the agreed upon funds. It’s now almost a year later and this thieving family still hasn’t paid what they agreed to pay. Here’s a copy of an email promising to pay shortly, dated April 30, 2014: ——- Please accept this email as confirmation that Cinder and I still have a balance owing of $2250.00 for the purchase of PowerPlant. This in spite of you signing off the paperwork only receiving $10,250.00 of the $12,500 purchase price. We expect to have the balance paid in the next few days. Thank for making the accommodation! Richard —— They also run a ‘charity’ called LocalHeroes to get money from local church congregations. I suspect this is fraudulent as well. They are Jesus freaks and victimize innocent people ‘in the name of god’. Be very cautious in dealing with this family in any way. Richard is a con man. And he will boast about George’s violent criminal record in order to maintain silence about their wrong-doings. According to Richard, George severely beat a 7-11 cashier and served time in prison for the attack. I have also read someone else’s account of being taken advantage of by Richard Trieber regarding art shows. Richard will offer to exhibit works of art and will offer the owners shared proceeds. But the there won’t be any proceeds and the owner will have difficulty getting their property back once Richard stops corresponding and goes into hiding. The last time I spoke to Richard Trieber he told me they would be paying me shortly, but currently had all of their funds tied up in a 3,000 plant indoor marijuana growing operation in Northern California. This is HIGHLY illegal. I told Richard that was crazy, and i suspected he and his family would end up behind bars- but that did not seem to sway this criminal. .

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