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Published: 01 March 2019

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After reviewing the website, I was under the impression that a locksmith from my area would arrive within 15 to 20 minutes as quoted on the website. An hour and a half later, a locksmith arrived and informed me that the cost to unlock my house door and/or my car door (both) would cost $120. What?!? Seeing that the two locks are completely different how could you charge someone $120. He proceeded to inform me that the company also charges a $25 trip charge. I was completely ok with paying the trip charge but $120 to unlock my door. I expressed my concern and he told me that that’s not his price but the company’s price. I informed him that I wanted to call the company. He told me that either way I would have to pay the trip charge. I explained that I had no way to pay as my purse was locked along with my keys. I wanted to tell him NO I do not want your service; however, I had never seen this guy before, I had no idea what he was capable of doing plus I had my 4 year old daughter locked outside with me. After attempting to negotiate he proceeded to inform me that the cost was up to his company and I had to pay the trip charge. What was I to do, run in the garage and pray that he leaves? I had to gain access to my purse which meant I had to use his services. After gaining access to my car, I contacted 5 independent locksmith companies – two of which were bonded and licensed. They ALL quoted me between $60 and $70 dollars including the trip charge. I instantly knew I had been price gauged. I contacted this company and asked to speak with a manager. I was informed that she was busy and would return my call in 48 hours. I called twice more to no avail; however, a manager called me back within 4 minutes of hanging up the phone. I explained to her what had happened and that I was not looking for a full refund but I wanted to pay a fair amount. She proceeded to tell me that I had a choice to refuse service. I explained to her that according to the technician there, I had no other choice as I had never used a locksmith before. After going back and forth, she proceeded to tell me that because her technician came to my house in the middle of the night and due to taxes the price reflected such. I was floored because the technician came out at 9:30am this morning and he did not add taxes as he quoted the price off the top of his head. In sum, I will not use this company again and I urge everyone to spread the word about this website / company. They are all deceitful in their business practices. Don’t be used like me. .

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