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Published: 04 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am an abuse survivor at the hands of a fired former police officer, Brandon Plagens. Allison represented me and my ex-cop husband’s ex-wife in divorce and child custody litigation. He was fired and surrendered his peace officer’s license for life for stalking and for assaulting me. Allison didn’t listen to me about how to handle the case with an experienced police officer. He started sleeping with his attorney, Romi Schwartz, and had free lawyers. They were able to continue to abuse me through the courts even suing my son in the divorce and suing me so I could not call the police, contact a lawyer, the media, my government representatives and The State Bar. Syria Sinoski was the opposing counsel in the end as Romi Schwartz was “fired” by my husband when I got proof of their sexual relationship. It was a bloodbath and Allison never defended me. Her fees were unconsionable (over $100k) before we even got to trial. She charged the ex-wife $160k and never found out his income or got one financial document out of him. I tried to hire another attorney as she refused to do what I asked and did other work I didn’t want done, but she stopped me. Then, when I could no longer afford her crazy fees, she dropped me in open court using emails that I didn’t see or know about handing the case to the other side and making me out to be crazy. What she said was defamatory and out of context and allowed my abuser to abuse me more. She promised me she wouldn’t break privilege but left me wide open to my son and I continuing to be abused for the rest of our lives. | She ruined me. I just looked at her. She never said one negative word about my abuser or what all these attorneys were doing which was unethical, but she sure SLAMMED me in open court and left me completely vunerable after she said she cared. I reported to her that my husband was again trying to frame me so he could pursue me for criminal charges and she screamed and cursed at me telling me she didn’t want to hear it. One of the reasons he was fired was he had alcohol in his police vehicle and he tried to frame my son and I for it. He was trying to frame me for putting personal information on the Internet about his children and she did NOTHING to protect me. He was running illegal police background checks on my son (one of the reasons he was fired) and she did NOTHING. He hacked into my son and my bank account and he and his girlfriend lawyer altered the documents to hide it and she did NOTHING. He was doing it to stalk me and somehow they were stupid enough to file MY bank records with the court ALTERED. She has exposed me to be abused for the rest of my life and worse yet she did the same to my son. I paid her a fortune to humiliate me publicy, RUIN my case and leave me vunerable to a super-predator abuser. I am not the only victim. They used her statements to make me look “unhinged”. EVERYTHING I was saying was true but the judge never heard my side. If I could give negative stars I would. DO NOT HIRE THIS AWFUL ATTORNEY.

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