LogicSpice Consultancy Private Limited

LogicSpice Consultancy Private Limited

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Published: 01 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Hello to everyone, | We are a team that we wanted to found a company (website) and we were looking for a company that can develop our website, | We have searched a lot and through freelancer.com we posted our project with all it’s details and features, we have received too many bids including bid of “logicspice” or “phpmaestro” and we started chating with them, they were very good in start and in first conversation just to get trusting that they are the right company that can develop our project. | We have had too many other biders that were recommanded from freelancer and we chose logicspice or phpmaestro basing on their profile and reviews. | We awared this company to develop our website after we awarded this company they has told us some their internal rules like “create and release milestone” means to release money before they start working in our project ,(agaisnt freelancer rules because freelancer rules are : create milestone and release only when you get your job done) but after some conversation we released money before they started working in our project. | Their bid was 6k USD and 3 months to complete it and this amount was devided on milestones but we still couldn’t notice their strategy. | 1.after first milestone released they come back to us with work report after some days, first milestone was OK. | 2. After second milestone released they come back to us with report with too many things refused “not part of proposal” | we asked too many times to completed these features because they were in the project proposal but explained with other words , (NOTE : they try to read the project proposal as they want and if you even forget to write on line they will defentivly refuse it ) | 3. on third milestone were refused to complete 2 main features that they defined our website and our IDEA !!! | We asked to stop working with them and send us the code that we paid until 3 milestone but they refused to give the code. | We decided to countinue working and accepting what they want to work just to get the code of what we paid and try to find another company to complete these things.. | After the project marked “as completed” THEY ASKED to give 5 star and a good review.. LOL! | to all these things that they refused to complete as “not part of proposal” or “not discussed on scope” they listed in a document with a horrible price “9k” means 6 + 9 = 15k in total, in fact the website was discused to be completed for 6k only. | We are writing a project proposal to create another website with another development company just to RAPORT logicspice world wide. | On the website will be included their ripping strategy , chats, logs, reports, documents and all facts about them and we will SPONSOR for 1 year using google adwords , choices, facebook sponsors worldwide. | I SUGGEST TO EVERYONE STAY FAAAAAAAAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND FROM MANISH SHRIMAL ( RIPPER )

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