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Published: 28 March 2019

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January 5th, 2015 I was contacted by Jon RInaldi asking me if I wanted to sell some of my vacation weeks that I owned in Costa Rica. After not getting what I had intended to get at Coco Bay Estates in Costa Rica, I decided ths would be a good opportunity to get some of the money back that was a bad investment in the first palce. I decided to sell 23 weeks but I have to pay the HOA fee up front in order to collect on the payment of the funds in the contract. I should have realized at that point that this was fishy and walked away, but I decided to try. I first sent 11, 000 to cover the HOA fee. Then two weekd=s later, they told me the taxes had to be paid up front now and that this was a change in how they do business. So they offered to split the paument of taxes with me since I didn’t have the additional 18,902 dollars. So I sent in a wire for 11, 288. The they told me that I had to apy the eintire balance myself so I gave them an additional 7,532 dollars. Thinking I was going to collect the money, they then told me I had a late fee charge of 2477 dollars, so I paid that and now they don’t apy. Joe Sanatana stils answers the phone and tells me that Alex Perez will call me, but he never calls and they don’t return e-mails now that they’ve collected all the money. I’m out a total of 32,242 dollars and it’s killing me to think of losing that money because I borrowed all of it, the first from my mom who’s 87 and the remander from my best friend from college. Now I have to pay them back and at least I have a job that I can do that, but I’m almost 62 and losing this kind of money is making me old before my time. .

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