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The lack of knowledge and their arrogance will eat you up!

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Published: 03 May 2019

Posted by: Grady

London Square Dental Centre isn’t the place you’d want to visit when you want to fix a toothache. It’s a place you’d visit when you want to get a toothache. My overall experience with that place can be summed up in one word- horrible. Those people have no idea of dentistry, soft skills, professionalism or honesty. My spouse went to this place and ended up with a damaged tooth. She had gone to this place for a root canal. She had been going there for a few weeks when the dentist told her that she’d need a root canal. She used to trust these guys and now she clearly doesn’t. The dentists at the London Square Dental Centre clinic are just stupid morons who have knowledge of dentistry in any regard. If they had any knowledge, they wouldn’t have messed up her root canal.

She was in a lot of pain for a number of weeks. I was worried. When we contacted them, they told us that it’s a natural thing and the pain will go away on its own. I told them that the pain was a little too much but they ignored my concern. The negligence of the dentists there could have led to a bunch of serious issues. It’s a great thing we went to another dentist to get a second opinion on this issue. When another dentist took a look at her teeth, he immediately found the fault. The fault was at the root canal. The dentist at the London Centre hadn’t done the root canal properly and had damaged the adjacent tooth to some extent.

I went there to confront those guys. Such negligence isn’t forgivable. Their license should get revoked. They shouldn’t be allowed to offer dental treatments and services to people when they can’t even do a root canal properly. They are lying in their marketing and their advertisements. Such people are the reason why people no longer trust medical professionals. My spouse is lucky that she found a great dentist and got rid of the issue. the worse thing is, those scumbags never even accepted their fault. They started ignoring me and her.

When I demanded a refund or compensation because of their negligence, they denied giving any. According to them, they had done a successful operation and there wasn’t any need for them to issue a refund of any sort. I bet these people are going to shut down in a couple of months. The way they behave and handle such cases will be the reason for their downfall. They don’t deserve to be operating freely. I’m thinking of filing a complaint against them and resolve this issue. they clearly don’t understand the language of decency so I’ll have to get the law involved.

My advice is: never to go to the London Square Dental Centre clinic. You don’t deserve to get poor treatment, especially when you’re paying them the full amount. Go someplace else, don’t make the mistake my partner made.

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