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Longmont Ford

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Published: 17 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

STAY AWAY…. I purchased a 2017 Expedition with 33,000 miles, from TX, based on the honor and word of Sean Queen. After stating that this truck was MINT with NOTHING WRONG I sent the cashiers check. The problems begin with an inept finance department. In a rush to boost March’s sales they overnighted the documents to me while I was on vacation. They did not make it due to the remote address but I would not have signed them if they had. The bill of sale tried to include the transportation cost (a non-taxable item) to the vehicle cost. | They were insistent on adding State Sales Tax and Local County Taxes. When I told them that TX only charges the State tax of 6.25% I was asked “where did you get that information? Like a friend told you that? Because we have a program that tells us what it is.” After sending the comptrollers information, sourcing my own transportation company for 40% less than they wanted and having the taxes removed so I could take care of locally, I sent the cashiers check and awaited the vehicle. The joys of watching a fully paid for $32k vehicle come off the transport were quickly extinguished. | The truck had interior trim hanging by the last broken tab, the rear view mirror was loose enough to induce a stroke, 1 key instead of 2, rock chips on the hood, large ding on the side fender and a missing cup holder. I contacted Sean Queen and let him know of my disappointment. The dealership service paper even stated that they tightened the rear view mirror (which has zero screws to tighten). I tried to accept some of the faults by relying on a car salesman’s word and split $213 the cost of the repairs with them. The dealership would not even send that!!! | Knowing I am 750 miles away I got this response to issues that should have been cured in his dealership. | To which I got this text | “BTW I talked to my mgr Curt about the warranty items and he said we would be glad to get the work done but we would need to have the vehicle here. If we were able to do the work here we would actually get paid from Ford to do the work. It doesn’t make sense to him for the dealership to pay just because of the Ford dealer in your area giving you delayed service. I tried. I’m sorry. | Getting work done at the Ford house in the middle of the Permian Basin Oil Center of the Country is a several week process and I explained that to Longmont Ford. | In closing, I would steer clear of this group as they are only interested in you until they have your money. After that all bets are off and they have what they want. Back in these parts a man’s word still means something. But perhaps they are all just living the hippy dream and too high on pot to remember what they said anyway. | You’ve been warned, | Mr. Never B. Back

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