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Published: 31 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

P & M Maintenance 6060 W Royal Palm Rd. APT. 317 Glendale, AZ 85302 Hello Lorenzo, Here is an itemized receipt of jobs completed as per your request. Invoice 1493 R/R garbage disposal with Badger 7 mid grade model cleaned sink and cleaned out sink cabinet, scrubbed bottom cabinet surface. Cleaned pipes and P trap of grease and waste. Removed all contents of full cabinet of all chemicals and usual kitchen items. Readjusted cabinet hinges for proper closing of cabinet doors. Tightened knobs $30.00 Temporary repair of six pull out drawers in kitchen cabinets. Removed and rearranged pots and pans to fit inside pullout drawers. Waiting for slides you ordered. $ 20.00 Fasten island top in kitchen, rebuilt bottom supports with plywood and heavy duty silicone and liquid nails. Plywood attached with screws and liquid nails. $ 20.00 Replaced thermostat hallway with a Honeywell electronic display with large screen $ 10.00 Adjusted hinges on French doors family room out to patio to allow doors to close correctly and seal correctly. Checked operation and straightened threshold. Installed inch quarter round by 8ft on inside threshold to match floor. $40.00 Install two ceiling fans in front living room, no electrical or switches. Wiring to include 14gauge 3 wire romex provided by contractor 35 feet. Installed two ceiling fan kits with metal gang box. Installed two gang old work plastic box to accept two circuits and two switches places 41 inches from base board and to match placement heights of other house switches.Dimmable CFL control on one side and art deco 15 amp switch on other side. Romex was connected to adjacent outlet 15 amp and pulled thru five studs along corner wall two inches from bottom plate. 5/8 s holes were drilled to accommodate romex. Romex continues thru top plate by vent and pulled thru attic to two ceiling fan kits. Baseboards were reinstalled and holes were patched and painted. $250.00 Owner has not purchased fans at this time allow a credit of -$25.00 Install Kitchen trash caddy and custom installed cabinet door to allow door to slide out with caddy, reinforced with galvanized ready ties and 1/2in plywood sanded on one side. Gold screws attach galvanized ties to plywood. Brass screws connect plywood face to cabinet door. Door also was liquid nailed for durability. Checked and adjusted height, square ness and level for ease of operation. $25.00 Rehung all interior doors in hallway, three doors required complete removal and have their screw holes drilled and plugged with wood dowels and wood glue. Center punched and pilot drilled at 1/16th to guide new 2 inch to three inch brass screws which also penetrated studs to allow for extra strength. Removal of 8 broken screws. Glued and clamp two doors hinge side to address splitting by very large wood screws by previous work done by amateur. Realigned doors to originally installed condition and replaced five hinges to exact match. Door frame on one door was removed and repositioned back to its original installation place. Tested all doors for proper closing and made sure all were aligned. $55.00 10. Removed bathroom cabinet from guest bath. Removed and cleaned up all items inside cabinet. Cabinet was full. Removed silicone on counter and wall, refaced dryall with fixall, to bring surface up to existing drywall surfaces. Matched drywall texture medium orange peel type texture. At this time requires one coat primer and two coats paint. $15.00 Total labor for invoice 1493 is $440.00 Invoice 1494 Redressed bathroom tub lavatory, included removing and cleaning existing large shower head orifices about 50. Used mild acid vinegar and small tool to dislodge calcium buildup. Replaced tub spout with exact match so shower will operate. Repaired tub mixet valve handle. Resealed plate to tub in proper position with plumbers putty and silicone 50 year seal. Detailed all parts and grout on front face of tub. $100.00 Troubleshoot and repaired refrigerator water and Ice in door. No ice and no water condition. Located two solenoids from Appliance Company. Installed and tested. Per owner request installed a new inside water filter and one outside water filter. Cleaned and sanitized ice bin. Cleaned condenser and fan under refrigerator. Cleaned floor and replaced refrigerator back. Tested. No charge for repairing ice bin dispenser. It was broken on weld and used conduit connecter to refasten to dispensing cup. $35.00 + $35.00 Cancelled per owner request. Malibu lights backyard. This job was removed and placed on invoice 1491 Total labor for invoice 1494 is $170.00 Total Parts for invoice 1494 is $171.70 Subtotal for parts and labor is $341.70 Invoice 1491 1. Cancelled until parts come in. Drawer slides heavy duty. $120.00 when completed. Deduct $120.00 2. Install fan kit for dining area. Upon removal found arcing electrical connections. Advised owner that aluminum wire was in very poor condition and too short to cut splice or reconnect with special connectors. Replaced aluminum wire with copper 14/3 from 4 gang box in kitchen starting at 14/2 copper romex to end of branch circuit in garage. Installed new work box 4 gang in kitchen to access wires. Also replaced all outlets that were burnt along run. All new romex wire from kitchen to garage 138ft. Removed large attic items to access attic to complete rewiring. Removed and reinstalled fluorescent garage light fixture to access and rewire, added naolox anticorrosion grease to connect between my new wiring run to existing family room aluminum wiring for feeding four outlets. Patch 8 holes $275.00 Remaining work involved is texture prime and paint deduction of $15.00 Advised owner to either continue replacing and rewiring house or have copallum connections installed. Owner was also advised about aluminum problems with recently upgraded switches and outlets to the new art deco style not designed for aluminum wire. Side note I suspect that microwave in kitchen maybe out because of faulty wiring in duplex that serves it. Microwaves are on a dedicated circuit and one circuit breaker remains tripped in main service box. 3. Install Fan kit in dining area and installed fan with new ball support and two inch nipple. Cleaned fan blades, motor housing, soaked and washed light covers. Patched hole and reinforced drywall with 1×2 strips. $ 20.00 4. Owner cancelled this job. Troubleshoot electrical problem in back yard for Malibu lights. 5. Contractor cancelled screens until owner gets caught up on payments Total Labor on Invoice 1491 is $280.00 Total Parts on Invoice 1491 is $30.43 Subtotal parts labor is $310.43 Added all together $440.00 $341.70 $310.43 Grand Total $1092.13 Check payment $400.00 Balance owed = $692.13 and jobs completed last month Remaining work to be completed $295.00 work to be completed Hey Patrick, doing well just really busy. I have reviewed the itemized invoice but its still quite not what Im looking for. There seems to be some billing inconsistencies with each item. For example, there is a $100.00 charge on the bathroom lavatory drain /dressing? I dont think you provided an estimate for that for we can discuss it, I just think 100.00 is a little excessive . Especially when you removed a cabinet in the same room for a mere $15.00. I think the confusion is that when I was provided an estimate for review and sign, some items that you worked on or fixed werent on the invoice estimate for example; the rewiring of the circuit in the kitchen . I ll double check it again next week. However. I know there were some things you worked on with no charge , and I appreciate it. Also the trash caddy is not working , it keeps falling off its track. I think we discussed another solid option for this as a permanent fix to it. Then the ice maker keeps getting stuck ,not sure whats going on there. The paint /texture work and the garage door opener in the garage need to be redone, the compound has a discoloration to it and the switch is loose. There still is a alarm speaker that broke when the power was off for the three days that also need to be fixed. Anyways , those are just some small items that need to be looked at while we get this worked out. I ll have more time next week to go over each invoice line item and get back to you on a time to schedule repairs. MY RESPONSE AFTER I WAITED TWO WEEKS WHEN PAYMENT OF JUST 1OO A MONTH, awould take Lorenzo 9 months to pay, so if there were any problems I warranty my work, he refused communication and a mere payment of 100….My 3rd EMAIL TO HIM will address the large issues, I gave you deep discounts on cabinet removal, considering that cabinet was there prior to texture job that was previously done.I discussed everything with you.I provided free work. No charge for ice maker repair. It gets stuck because the freezer door is left open and ice melts, than it refreezes and jambs.I can order you a new ice dipenser and put new gasket in for door so it closes own its own.$350.The alarm speaker,I have to look at, But I was very careful with my work. I was working with you on payments.I gave you awesome discounts.Saved you thousands of dollars on parts and labor. Solonoids are $185 parts only. Not considering two and a half weeks work. The gas alone was $65.00. Also shopping at four locations and picking up individual items.The trash caddy I only charged 25.00. I may have to install heavy duty slides.I do not want to jump to conclusions, But a mere $100.00 payment per month is very nice, and easy to work with. I am sure by the delay and lack of communication is a way to either find a way for me to do more free work, and not get paid. I hope Im wrong, but from past experiece sometimes when a contractor low balls work to help some one out, they perceive the discounts to reflect quality of work.Also You find a plumber that would charge less than I do, you wont find one.Just pay me $500.00 and I and you are done.I went over invoices with a fine tooth comb, I find it insulting that even with a clearly printed and itemized receipt, at such a low price of 8 bucks an hour you are now unhappy. You were happy, now a couple of small issues are holding up monthly payments. My contruction book on how to run a business, has a exact chapter on you.I thought we could be friends, similiar interests and possibly more.. My own friend told me you may do this to me, but I said naa not Lorrenzo. Well I am hurt and shocked.No one is that busy to send a text.I will wait 90 days for the check of $500 after that I will send it to collections.The actual cost for my work and parts would easily be in excess of $5,200. Is this the reason I had to work extra hard extracting broken screws from shoddy work done by others.I only charged you $55.00 dollars for all four doors. two days work alone for these because they were in such bad shape. I lost money, but I did not change my estimate.Also Cox was in attic too and working on house at same time. I have been screwed, before but I did not expect it to be from a christian family man. This email was written in anger second BTW you went over invoices for a hour and three signatures were made by you!No surprises as you are stating.I work with people not thieves!

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