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Published: 08 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

All Guys Beware of this psychotic, pathological liar and parents who have little kids in have kids in school because she is a school teacher in clear creel school district .This single rip off con artist girl is trolling the internet looking for rich guys to marry then file for divorce you or possibly poisen to colllect everything you own in this world to support herselve and her poor parents back in Boluxi Mississippi where she just moved from and the whole town knows she is a very bad person and bad repatation she had to move out of town found a rich guy To screw over really bad almost killed him by putting poisen in his food after she begged his to put her in his will was rushed to the hosipatal almost died,this does not top it off then back on Feb 21 2014 she when into rage and stuck her firdt down in my pockets when I just got home and she started saying stop stop stop hitting me I told her she was crazy and said what are you doing Im leaving my house your nuts so I had tickets to the eagles concert she had moved in with me and drove off the next thing I know I get a call feom the police saying I need to comeback to my home and she told them I beat her up and they arrested me and took me to jail faked a doimestic violiance and she then lied to the judge, police office and court and I was found guilty ! This girl hates little kids she tells everyone and is on all kinds of meds to stay level ! Turns out it runs in her family her brother donnie who is on meds the Ryans all say he is pure crazy tried to kill her mom 6 months ago and has been in and out off prison all his life ! The mother is in on this scam coaches her on how to work men for money ! I did a lot of research talk to her ex husband he told me she only cares about herself and money nobody else! I talk to her ex finance who she was engaged to parents which hhe died in a plane crash she wasnt even invited to the funeral because she came over to his house and stole all his furinture, which she has now in her apt and storage ! The other ex finance she had faked a recording on her ph and said stop stop you hitting me! Michele flipped out earlier on all these cases got off her meds and called 911 and he was arrested and convicted for domestic violance also ! while he was in jail she moved in with his best friend Tony and pulledthe same thing with him when she got mad at him and I have a letter from all 3 ex bfs that tell me she is the devil run get as far away as possible she put tonys family thruogh living hell after that and all these peolple are affraid of her and what she might do to them ! So while Iwas in Jail she stole $1700 cash, household items fans,luggage the remote to my bmw and the remote to the entrance gates of the subdivision Im building a new home in private neibhorhood ! 2 weeks later she went over there and took a big knife and cut big deep cuts in all my solid wood doors while the hm was still unlockedwho does that ! Michele Ryan does She cost me tons of problems and money! I have been doing a ton of investigating work on this for my false arrest case and have learned back in Boluxi Mississippi she would go out every day and hang out by the pool looking for rich guys to pay her for her services and in the casinos also mainly The Hard Rock and Bau Revouge hotels this is where she became a real pro taking guys for money for sex!Michele is a real pro tells all the guys she is working to get her hooks into the same stuff how great they are and how lucky she is to have them she is a great actress all, her exs believed her like I goy suckerd into letting her move in with me! Michele is nothing but a jealious crazy game player the devil herself ! She is also a school teacher by day I dont know how anyone who is taking meds every day Zanax and busprione for depression and pristiq for anxity problems can be allow to teach grade school young kids with here anger issues ! Michele can fly off the handle at any giving moment and she stops taking her meds at time look out! I have Just learned that the new sucker she just found on the internet she has been Lying to him and he is very rich and putting him together he was talking marriage after 3 months he cought her in bed with another guy she found on Zoosk date site and was flat out busted and she went into rage and called to cops on him and made up a false police report and told the police he was stalking her and he has had the police contacting him and she kept a bunch of his property also ! The sweet by day evil gold digging person by night sending out naked pictures of herself to all to get them to have sex with her uses guys and has no feeling or remorse what so ever so watch out she is a very pretty girl and knows just how to work men and get mony out of them in excange for sex cant turn your back on her for one second ! I cannot believe when she tells ever person she knows she hates kids and never wants to be around them that she is allowed to teach them if I was a parent I would so take my kids out of her class you never know what she might do to them !Michele Ryan is a pathological liar and will do anything for a buck she grew up very poor and uses guys to buy her rolex watches , high dollar purses etc and should be put in a mental hosipatal or in jail for all the crimes shre has been commiting in Boluxi she had charges against her for domestic violance and strated sleeping with a attorney to take her case and got her ex bf at the time to drop all charges because she could lose her job for any convictions she uses that pretty face and body to get what she wants and she will sleep with anybody and does not ever use protection at all and has been with tons of men who knows how many she is a real pro ! So everyone BEWAREif Lorrie Michele Ryan nobody we have found has anything good to say about her no one ! Michele Ryan is a total user for her on gain in the world and has to be on fulltime meds to try and stay level but dont piss her lying ass off you will find yourself in jail she uses the poor pretty girl victum card every time and then you with have a felony on your record like the past 4 boyfreinds have ! Who steals for a dead person your suppose to be in love with and getting married ? Michele Ryan does born XX/XX/XXXX and drives a white Bmw she will take all your money and my you claim bankrupcy and put something in your food she cooks you and you die but dont marry her or put her in your will Lorrie Ryan is so bad of a person she had to delete her fb cuz all the bad things people say able her and she uses a fake fb to still spy on all her ex boyfriends putting them down and calling them names ! She is a real ripoff con artiest looking for her next mark dont let it be you I along with evey guy she has every slept with wishes we never met her run far away do not let her move in with you like I did big Mistake and the dirty pictures she sends out over the internet and movies is not worth getting involved TRUST ME! Gold Digger all the way prays on old rich guys so they will die off in a few years kinda like a stipper Ana Nicole Smith did Im suprise she might have been a ex sripper who knows and I sure dont care the devil lives In League city Texas now with no remorse what so ever for all the pain she does!!

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