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Louie's Auto Sales

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Published: 21 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

W A R N I N I N G …….If you are looking for a good used car, DO NOT go to Louies Auto sales in Ocala.or Leesburg, Fl.My wife and I bought a 2003 Honda Civic LX on June 6,2016. First they use deceptive advertising methods.When I look for a used car, I look on craigslist under private owner only. I do not like buying from a dealer becuse they jimmy rig their cars so they can sell them.Louies listed the car we bought from them under private owner and the pictures they took of the car were not taken on a car lot.I told my wife when we got to the address they gave us and it was this car lot (Louies). We did a test drive and everything seemed ok so I went against my better judgement and bought it.Their salesperson (Tony) | made it sound like they were giving us such a good deal.He told us that he was giving us a warranty but never gave it to us in writing.They charged us almost $400. | for having the tag and title transferred which I told them that it did not cost that muc h to do those transfers. Then he said they could have charged us the $500. dealers fee they usually charge. I told him we would not have bought the car if he would have done that.It took over a month and me calling them several times to finally get the title and I had to tell him that I was going report him to DMV. Finally got the title over a month after paying for the car. The warranty we were promised was a hoax.The horn would not work from the beginning which is a | safety hazzard.took him 3 weeks to have his mechanic try to fix the horn which he was unable to do because we were told to be there at 5pm for him to fix it and the mehanic told us that he was leaving at 6pm even if the horn was not fixed. About 2 weeks after we bought the car, the transmission started slipping and hard shifting. I waited a few days to tell him (somewhere during the 3rd week after we bought it.)He had already told us that the warranty did not cover any major components like the transmission. he said the warranty was good for 30 days and we let him know before 30 days the transmission was messed up. I went and got an estimate to have tranny rebuilt and got a price of $1800. – $2000. I even | told him I would pay reluctantly half of that price. He told me that he would not have transmission rebuilt only replaced with a used transmission that could have been in worse shape than the one we had and he was wanting us to pay $1400 and the used transmission would have a 60 day warranty that did not cover labor if it had to be taken out again.We wound up paying $2300. to have it rebuilt and it has a year warranty that also covers the labor.That is what I had to do.I told Louie I was going to file a complaint against him with the BBB and The State Attorney General and I also told him I knew he had a Facebook page and I was going to warn people about buying from him because he is dishonest and his word was | no good.Everytime I talked to Louie, he kept telling me what a good deal we got on the car. Tell me, does it sound like we got a good deal ?I got the run around. What good is a warranty on a used car if it does not cover the major components of the car. I live on a fixed income and he knew he ripped me off.He also has another Louies Auto Sales in Leesburg, Florida. Other things wrong with the car is neither one of the passenger side power windows would not roll up or down.Some idiot changed the lock in the drivers door so if we locked the car, we had to go in through the passenger side and reach across the car and unlock driver door and then get out and go around to get in car.it would have cost me | $1000. to get the 2 passenger windows fixed and have the driver door rekeyed.Luckily I found an honest mechanic on craigslist named Dave.He fixed the 2 windows for less than $300. I had to get a keyless entry put in the car for $150.better than less than half of what a locksmith would have charged me to fix the lock on drivers door.I am not a vendictive person but I felt like I needed to warn people not to do business with this dishonest dealer.He is not a member of the BBB but I checked him out on the BBB website and Louies Auto Sales has had 2 complaints in the last 2 years for out and out dishonesty.Just go to the BBB website and Look for Louies Auto Sales and you will see.We paid $2000. for the | car and we were given $700. trade in for our old car.He lied and told us he was giving us $800.After our trade in we payed over $1700.for the car and we have put about another $3000. on fixing it. Then over a month ago the brakes started going out. More money spent. His address was 2411 S. Pine Ave. Ocala but the last time I talked to him he said he was moving, I think he said across the street.Well Louie, if you are reading this, this is one thing I told you I was going to do. Next I am filing a complaint against you with the BBB and State Attorney General. You ripped off the wrong person and I hope these things i told you I was going to do hurt your business because you sure had no problem ripping me and my wife off.

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