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Published: 16 September 2018

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1. Went to Louis Conte for a bottom chip tooth, I had no pain, no swelling! 2. Dr. Louis Conte said, “” 2 of your upper teeth 11 and 12 were bad and needed to be removed! He said the best solution was implants costing up to $8,000.00. I asked if that was the only solution, he said, “”yes!”” No antibiotics ordered! No treatment plan was done and still no bill! I asked for these things! This was in the beginning of this nightmare, I trusted Dr. Conte! 3. On February 21, 2013 I was scheduled for 2 extractions. Dr. Conte said, “”we are doing xrays today, I said, “”you did them last visit”” Dr. Conte said, “”Oh yeah, I read my notes wrong”” He pulled the teeth! Afterwards, no pain medications were ordered and no packing instructions were given to me. 4. A mold was done for a temperary partial. I returned on my next visit and the partial was defective! Dr. Conte appologized! A second mold was done and that one was defective also! Dr. Conte apologized again! 5. I went home crying, no teeth in my mouth and it is now a nighmare for me! I called him very upset, Dr. Conte said, “”I don’t blame you for being upset, please let me make it right! 6. I went back to him and a 3rd partial was done! This one I could wear, but was extremely incomfortable! Again, I asked for a treatment plan and his wife Holy gave me a Patient Progress note that was confusing! She said to me’ Don’t pay too much attention to the numbers, that will change depending on your insurance.”” 7. I waited 3 months to heal before the implants! 8. July 2013 I was scheduled for implants and I asked again, “”What is this going to cost? Dr. Conte said, $8,000.00. I said that was too much money and I asked for my xrays for another opinion. I received dark and unreadable xrays! I told him I was going to report him to the dental board, he offered me $3,000.00. I said I wanted $6588.00 the cost to replace my teeth! He refused! 9. I contacted several attornies and they all denied me because malpractice cases require an extraordinary amount of time and expense and would not justify the ultimate outcome financially! 10. I did a quiet protest on the private sidewalk in front of his business and Dr. Conte put the sprinkler on me! 10. I know I have 2 years to prusue this, I feel violated and I don’t know where else to turn! 11. I am seeking $6588.00, the amount it cost me for implants! Are you able to help me? Thank you in advance for anything you can do! .

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