Louisa H Martin

Louisa H Martin

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Published: 20 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I would love an opportunity to walk with you through the trials you are facing. You are unique, and should choose someone whose approach and values are a good fit. Your family, friends, and faith can be sources of great support, but also of deep pain at times. The way through may not be easy, but there IS HOPE! When life seems to be falling apart, you need a safe place to share your burdens and find that grace, mercy, and reconciliation are more than just words. I consider my office a “toxic waste dump”… and God recycles!Because physical, relational, family, emotional, spiritual, work, & environmental issues all impact our lives and ability to function, I seek to help clients address the contribution of each area to their current struggles. My broad life experience and unique training in psychology, education, theology, and integration help bridge the gaps!Thirty years of counseling with individuals and couples has taught me a lot: Laughter is important! God is never overwhelmed! Despite how hopeless today seems, there is always HOPE! It arrives in strange and mysterious ways, so “thinking outside the box” is helpful! Each person is God’s special creation!

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