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Published: 30 October 2018

Posted by: DbkKdb

I am a longtime customer of Loves. Never before have I seen a decent employee who may have some disabilities ready to quit over being mistreated by their coworkers. I don”t know anyone”s name, but I saw this wonderful person doing their job, and I overheard some guy telling this person how they”re a hater and that”s why no one appreciates anything they do and why they”ll never get any kind of promotion. I thought to myself that I hope that the person who was being disrespectful wasn”t in any kind of leadership position. I hope that they never get into a leadership position, treating anyone like that. I also spoke with the other person, it was a very nice lady and she was truly hurt and near tears. I don”t know why anyone would think that treatment of people with (possible) disabilities is acceptable under any circumstance, and I am appalled that they were subjected to that. Someone really needs to do something about some of these issues at this store. The lady I spoke with is incredibly bright and kind to everyone. This store needs more people like her; she actually tries to excel. The disrespectful guy needs to go. I hope to never see that again and I hope to never see that guy at that store again.

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