Lower Makefield Police/Yardley Borough

Lower Makefield Police/Yardley Borough Review

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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In response to your letter dated August 21, 2013, please see attached material regarding Everhome Loan. In the year 2009 a refinance of documents had taken place through Am Trust Financial during the month of June 2009. A loan in the amount of $310,000.00 was approved. Documents provided show a sale of $1.00 in a transaction that took place in June 2009. Attachment 1 is a draft copy of an emergency petition I am putting together for court. The recent MLS data states the property at , is still in my name and refinancing continues to be a problem from the corruption surrounding two Attorneys in Bucks County working with my Ex-husband.. As you can see by the cases I presented to your office these people have caused a big disturbance in Pa. (I maintain my sense of humor somehow!!!!! I have faith. The last refinance to the property was March 27th 2013 for $353,404 with Everbank. Attached to that is a current Bucks County record showing the property remains in my name. I had received divorce papers June 3, 2001, however, the two attorneys working with my corrupt ex-husand had been and continued to for years extort assets of mine. Two negligent District Attorneys participated. One of the District Attorneys had been an affiliated of Kevin Zlock. Total four pages Attachment 2 is a credit report from Al Colacello dated 4-27-2009. The papers were signed at the office on Trenton Road in Fairless hills, Pa (Century 21 Building). The accountant in that Office was implicated in false filings of my income tax. His name is Andy Nelson. The report done by Mr. Colacello was for qualifications purposes for the loan at the property on Main Street in June 2009. The amount of the loan was 310,000.00 at that time. I have been on a perp trail for years tracking down this information. Name changes and fraud involving State Farm Insurance with a forgery on an insurance claim check have set fear in Mr. Steve Leist the agent involved. During the year of 2012, Mr. Leist advised me not to call him anymore. Total of 18 pages Attachment 3 a recent letter written to Everhome dated July 2, 2013 providing them with details. This letter was returned to me an unopened. See attached copy of the envelop with forwarding/return postage dated July 29, 2013. The address is correct has been confirmed on previous correspondence. ( I sent them a fax as well!!) The July 2, 2013 letter details the extortion from Patricia Cooley, Kevin Zlock regarding some circumstances that implicate them in fraud generating several criminal property all along during this process of manipulating court hearings with Everhome being represented by McCabe, Weisberg and Conway, Total 10 Pages Attachment 4 correspondence dated March 14 2012 to McCabe, Weisberg & Conway and Everhome. This correspondence is in a detailed package providing the manipulations from M.W.C. and Everhome Bank March 12, 2012 letter, November 16, 2011 MWC also Bucks Court Documents, etc 6 pages Attachment 5 October 24, 2011 packages address to Kevin McQuail, 11 addressing the court manipulated documents he provided and how dates in the Bucks County system do not correspond with documents he provided. *****In Mr. McQuails civil action you will see series of misinformation being proided. He also states in his Civil Action Complaint that Mortgagors on June 2009 made executed and delivered a mortgage upon the premises. This gives the details of what happened and I provided you with these documents to show you that Everhome was aware they were fraudulently concealing and aiding my exhusband in mortgage fraud. Total 37 pages. Attachment 6 July 11, 2011 emails to Mary Enck Realty with tracking confirmation provided to Carbon County. I had been notifying Carbon County since April 2011 that Joseph Moors had been forwarding my mail to a rental property in Yardley Borough, Pa. The attachments in No. 5 explain the details and other properties outside of the county continue to be impacted. The address at My recent findings at this address have uncovered that the mail es being forwarded to yet another PO Box in Newtown. It states in the county record Elizabeth Taylor ℅ PO Box 913, Newtown, Pa 18940. The history of ownership is listed as follows as of April 27, 2011.

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