Lowe's Home Improvement

Lowe's Home Improvement

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Published: 27 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Would rate this store less if it was possible. I worked at Lowes a few years ago, Tustin District location and do not recall customer service being so bad. Lowes actually pays employees pretty well so I’m not sure what the bad attitude was about before I even approached the lady working at customer service. I went in to return the Lowes Iris hub, since the upgrade to the system and new application required did not work well at all. Constant disconnecting between camera and phone application. Customer’s were now required to pay for all of the application’s features individually, it was just not worth it at that point. The mandatory upgrade required customers who had prior bought this product to invest even more money than they had already invested into this system when buying it and paying the monthly Lowes Iris protection plan fee of $15 dollars monthly. Anyhow, this was the reason for my return. | Since I did not plan on returning it, I threw away the receipt after the first year of use. Unfortunately, the “upgrade” occurred shortly after 1 year. First I was told that I cannot get a refund since Lowes has not been able to sell one of their hub units for over a year. Which is odd, that I am held accountable for them not being able to sell their own products. Than, I was told i needed my credit card. I had the credit card used however since I got a micro-chipped card sent to me a few months ago, the card number was different. Than I saw the sign behind the customer service desk saying a drivers license can be used if customer does not have the receipt. I asked the service employee about using my drivers license to locate transaction, and she replied that I can’t use my drivers license since it has been beyond 90 days. I was willing to get store credit at this point, and she refused. The customer service employee’s refusal of even store credit, which is money going right back into Lowes’ pocket, is absolutely ridiculous. | Once I stood my ground eventually a manager was willing to NOW provide store credit, HOWEVER I was only going to be returned a PENNY for the hub since they no longer sell the ” first generation”. I looked to my left and there was all the Lowes “Iris” brand products. I asked if I could bring the second generation hub that was sent when they upgraded the system, and get my refund on that. The Service employee replied “no, since that wasn’t within the initial purchase”. I became frustrated because not only is this a faulty Lowes product , but THEY decided to do a mandatory system and equipment upgrade without consent by consumers who already purchased the first generation. Therefore, the older product no longer works at all and you may only get a penny, since of course they no longer sell it. The second generation product that they do have, you may also not return since you did not originally purchase that model. | This to me sounds like a scam. I will be writing a letter to Lowes about this issue as it is horrrible service on their own manufactured product. I originally purchased product at this location, which didn’t seem to matter. Also the “managers” were less than helpful or friendly. Nicole who was a head cashier manager, had a poor attitude and told me no from the start. Wasn’t until Javier came after going back in fourth with Nicole, that I was even offered partial store credit. This was a freaking nightmare I would wish on anyone for a measly $150 bucks of store credit. At this point it’s the freaking principle of the issue that matters to me. Have some dignity with the type of service you provide customers who shop at your store. Don’t you want to make money…definitely lost me as a customer for life, and friends who I’ve shared this experience with. I see why people go to Home Depot for service and Lowes stays like a graveyard all daylong (except holidays). Wouldn’t be surprised if Lowes is gone with the wind by 2020.

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