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Published: 11 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It is human nature to be independent and for this, one needs a permanent job, a job that will give you the pleasure of spending your life the way you want and desire. If you have a job, you will have respect in the community and financial stability may help you get settled and married. Everyone wants such stability right? Everyone wants that. So, the first step towards getting a job is that you have to search for it, and believe me or not, finding a job is hard really these days. Mostly you can find jobs on the internet, nowadays. The companies who want to hire new employees, they either advertise on the internet or hire some other staffing companies like, Locas Group, for example, to do the recruiting process for them. We all know that everyone faces issues when they start looking for a job. I also did face many issues. I applied everywhere but could not get the job I was looking for or any job.
I have had a bachelor’s degree in software engineering with some handy projects experience. I had created games and apps during my studies and I also had some prior experience with various multinational companies. So, I was of the view that it would not be very difficult for me to find a job, but after trying everything at my end, I could not find a job myself. Then, I decided to take the help of a recruitment firm and found a staffing company called Locas Group. They were spending pretty huge amounts on advertisements as well. Therefore, I contacted them and sent them my resume. They took some advance from me for processing. I used to believe them blindly that I would get a job or job interview call but this never happened. They had created high hopes that I would get a very lucrative job with substantial monthly salary, but actually, they were only creating an illusion for me and kept me waiting. After eight weeks, I e-mailed them to inquire regarding my job application status. They did not reply to my e-mail. Then I tried calling them and no one picked the telephone. After several attempts, a girl answered the phone and said she would get back to me with proper answers and status, I waited another day but no response came back from them. I was frustrated, and I went to their office after spending a lot on commuting. I just wanted to have my money back which I gave to them as an advance. I was hoping that they will return my money, but I was wrong again. Finally, they told me that the advance I gave to them is non-refundable.
So, I went home with humiliation and anger. This type of fake companies just play with emotions of job-seekers and they have nothing to give them. They are just money-making corporate entities. Therefore, one must be careful dealing and paying advances to such companies.

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