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Published: 18 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Be aware of this scam rip off Lucrazon Global or Lucrazon company people. Don’t listen to their friendly words. This company still has long way to work on their website and merchant account. Their pre-build Webster looks good and easy to work on however, when they update their system your website will be crashed and your images will be lost. Also you won’t be able to change anything. I joined this scam company on April 1st, 2014 before the company officially launch on April 12, 2014. According their compensation plan, if you have the money and put $8,000 ($1,000 will give you 3 units) to the company which will give you 15units. The benefits of these unites is to generate daily money per unit for you, so the more units you have the more money you earned. Glad that I don’t have the fund to put into this scam company. However, there are a lot other people put that money down but got nothing since started and never will. After the launch date, the company keep on changing their compensation plan. First, they required those 15units to do some word in order to get paid. With a lot of the brand partners who put down so much money to the company complaint. Later, the company told everyone that those who joined before the company launches won’t have to do any requirement and will get paid. However, none of these people who bought the 15units get paid from the date they started til they quit. The company won’t even refund any of those money to the people who paid $8,000. To me, this company brain wash the people to join as brand partners and earned on the daily paid but at the end is not what the company started. Lucrazon use this trick to trap people’s mind so they falling into Lucrazon trap and thinking they will earned money but the truth is Lucrazon only using these tricks to fool people. This is how Lucrazon make money base on the brand partners. According to Lucrazon news on June to July 2014, the company put out new policy saying that anyone who joined Lucrazon but haven’t recruit anyone into their business and has not got any merchant done will get 75% of their brand partner purchased back if they quit which either $1,000 or the $8,000. After these news came out, more brand partners want to resign or quit to get their money back but the company never refund any of their money back. Lucrazon also change their policy statement that they will not refund any money to any brand partner. With all these changing from the company, I no longer interested being one of their brand partner anymore. On September 7, 2014 I submit a resign form (according to the resign form, the company will return any charge back to the brand partner) to the company stated that I no longer interest being part of this scam Lucrazon business anymore. Coming October, Lucrazon charge $50 on the 1st and additional $40 on the 4th, plus their monthly merchant statement which $7.46. I called back to the company asking why they keep charging me again after I submit the resign form. Lucrazon told me, they will refund me the money within 15 days. As of today, I haven’t receive anything from Lucrazon. This November 2014, Lucrazon charge me $7.46 for their monthly statement again according to my bank statement. I called to Lucrazon about this charge and my refund, they told me that my account been cancel so they won’t return any of my money anymore. Also according to the $7.46 charge is not from them. However, its show on my bank statement as of November 4, 2014. These charge are from Lucrazon monthly statement that started when I joined Lucrazon in April 2014. What’s wrong with the FTC and our governments? How long are you going to let this scam company scam people after one another? When Lucrazon present their business they willing to do anything to help brand partner business success. However, being with them for the past 7months all I see is a scam after another scam. For those of you out there that, haven’t join Lucrazon Global or Lucrazon, stay away from this company. Please shut this scam company down as soon as possible!!!! .

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