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Published: 16 May 2018

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We are the group of over 300 victims in New York, we would like to report of a Ponzi scam from company Lucrazon. There are about over 300 people involved in it, and everyone lost about $10,000.00 It happened in Jan 2014, the CEO and sales team of Lucrazon Held a promotion convention at Shranton Hotel in Flushing New York, Lots people went there for the meeting. They told us that Lucrazon is a good credit company, with 30 years of business, if you bought 15 positions in which you invest $15,000 to the Lucrazon company, it would give you a daily pay around $9.00 to $16.00 a day for one positio, and at that time the Lucrazon company was on a promotion which was buy one get one free, buy 15 positions get another 15 positions free, so in only three months you could get your money back. and they also told us that if you wanted to join, the company had to check your credits to qualify. We believed their words and gave them our credit card numbers and social security number for qualification checking. Then we all deposited a check of $14,000.00 to the company’s account on Jan 2014, even some of us borrowed money to doposit, and also every one of us used his or her credit card to pay $1000.00 for the account set up by the company ‘s request. On February or March 2014, we received a $4840.00 first bonus pay from Lucrazon, then we waited and waited, and two month later we received only $1 to $2 as a daily pay , depending on how many down tiers you have. If you have more down tiers you get paid more, if you did not have any down tiers, you only got cents daily pay. We were in shock when we noticed that we only got $1 to $2.00 of daily payment of our 15 position account which was huge difference from what the company said. and also our credit card was charged $50.00 per month. We realized that it was a scam, so we called the company to request to cancel our brand partner, and refund our money, at begining they send us forms for filling in the amount of refunds, and told us after 30 days of processing, Lucrazon would send us the refund check. Then we waited and waited, and two months later we still did not get any information about the refund, during that time we did make lots call to the company, finally we got a chance to speak a guy of the cancelation dept on June 2014, he told us we only can get a $50.00 refund, when we knew they only refunded us $50.00 of our $15,000.00. How were very upset, and we had no words to explain our feelings, for this is 100% a scam Now we want to step out to take a class action lawsuit, and bring these scamers to justice. If anyone has good suggestion please post out and let us know. .

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