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Published: 08 August 2017

Posted by: Marianne A. Valencia

My name is David, and I’m a reputed author. I’ve been writing for the past 3 decades. Mainstream houses have published over 60 of my titles.
I have been self-publishing with for about 5 years now. The website got a complaint from some woman in October 2016, saying that I had defamed her in many of my books. I did no such thing. But decided not to check up on whether I had actually done this. Instead, they sent me 40 emails. Each of them said that I had asked the site to retire a particular book. I hadn’t asked them to do this. Then they sent me a list of 7 books that had been complained about. They then sent me a mail saying my account had been suspended. Another followed saying it had been closed. They had told retailers to remove the 40 titles over the course of the next 6-8 weeks.
So basically, they removed 33 books that weren’t even complained about. Today, on the 24th of October, I got the message that they were withholding my royalties. This apparently happens when criminal activity is suspected. What this means is that they think I’m a criminal when they didn’t even bother to investigate the complaints. So any idiot can complain about the books on their site, and they will take it down without any sort of trial! The author is punished without a second thought!
I have never seen such unprofessional behavior in all my time dealing with the publishing industry.

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