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Published: 23 October 2018

Posted by: Crta

1) Luminisce promised my scar would be gone but failed to do so. Kaycee Reyes even showed a picture of a client with very big and very deep scar, and managed to eradicate it in just a few sessions. I thought of “photoshop” but then trusted her and her clinic well that I tried the service out. I paid almost P30, 000 or 30k but the promise was broken. The scar is still on my face. 2) I went there for just a basic facial. It costs around 1k or just a little bit more. Some facials are around 2k if I”m not mistaken. They were named as Deluxe and Luxury Facials. However, the attendant and the receptionist named “Diane” encouraged me to get the new facial. They lured me and went ahead with the procedure. (By the way, I went there for facial because I am attending a very important business event, so I have to be at my best.) Just before the middle of the procedure, they told me that the Radiance Lift, which is the new facial, costs P5, 000 or 5k. Can you imagine? But since the procedure already started, I allowed the attendant to continue and just thought that I need to be at my best, so 5k is just a money. NOW, just the next day, I got PIMPLES, BIG ONES, all over my face. I am really DISAPPOINTED. I am so angry that I would like to rush there and complain but what can I do? The big event is already coming. I don”t have time to stress myself more. MORE PIMPLES CAME and they seem to be partying all over my face! Needless to say, I went to the business event, looking YUCKY and LOUSY and UNAPPEALING and all! Gah! Imagine paying 5 thousand pesos just to get fat pimples that would not go away!? I did not bother getting their offer “mild peel” to cure my effed up face. They found out because they realized I haven”t visited their clinic for quite sometime. Why would I trust them again if they already lost it? EXPENSIVE skin clinics don”t always mean BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Kaycee Reyes Luminisce clinic is just one of those newbie money s*****s in the skin industry. If you”re going there, think twice or more, I tell you! On the other hand, they are quite nice. The receptionist, attendants, and even Dr. Kaycee. But, that”s all. I don”t need nice people if they will just ruin my skin and most especially my face! And by the way, Kaycee Reyes asks for a lot of money from regular clients but spends thousands and thousands for free procedures for her not-so-popular endorsers. Anyway, good luck. For you reading this, If I were you, I wouldn”t attempt to go there or even continue with their services. Or else, risk your face. Kaycee Reyes Review Dermatologist Review Luminisce Review Luminisce Experience BGC Dermatologist Luminisce Philippines Luminisce BGC Luminisce Taguig Luminisce Mercury Drug

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