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Published: 21 July 2019

Posted by: Johnnie

Orthodontic care for my ten-year-old kid at Lund Orthodontics sounded a great idea. The moment we entered the practice I felt highly uncomfortable and the staff members did not make any attempt to show us a friendly smile. I expected the process to be quick and easy, but the assistants were not working as a team. I did not understand the terms and conditions of Lund Orthodontics and no one felt the need to get up and have details explained.

Orthodontic care is a delicate process depending on the procedure. My son had to get new braces. I tried to explain this to the staff, but they wouldn’t pay attention to me. The staff wouldn’t offer their help.

There was a long delay in the fitting of braces and there was no confidence in staff performances. The braces had a firm fit and to understand all the restrictions that come along with braces, is a challenge for a ten-year-old.

At Lund Orthodontics my son needed to feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. I waited patiently to see the next step. Half an hour later, and we are still waiting in line. My son couldn’t wait in the queue. I ask for help from the staff to make the situation less tiring. I expected the staff to be helpful and friendly with my child. The employees ignored what I had to say and went on with their conversations. I don’t think it is right on staff members to have treated us disrespectfully. It was time to leave the premises. This is what I call negligence to patient care and a lack of customer’s service.

My son did not get a chance to have the braces fitted. There is no quality offered at Lund Orthodontics. The untidy display of brochures is in different places and outdated. Time had nothing to do with my bad experience. The untrained staff is the reason for my bad experience at Lund Orthodontic.

An exam of the gums and to fit on braces is what my son’s visit to Lund Orthodontic was planned for on that happy morning when we left home. I didn’t think the staff would make everything feel like an effort while we impatiently waited in line.

No respect for a child’s needs and expectations is not the way to approach a patient. The day felt painful and we were less happy after leaving the practice in a hurry.

The prices are high and not covered by the health insurance company.

I will not recommend Lund Orthodontics to anyone who needs such services, it is a pity to have to go through bad customer services and to not be cared for by staff members at Lund Orthodontics. I feel a recommendation for Lund Orthodontics would be wrong. They should be denied building their practice due to the lack of sympathy for patient care.

I entered Lund Orthodontics with hope to have my son’s braces fitted and to get home with a smile. That hope didn’t stay with us for too long. The queues at the practice made my son feel uncomfortable sitting in a crowded room. Going home was the only option left but without the braces, because they had less confident personnel who did not seem fit to do their jobs.

Communication with people and caring for people are a big part of a staff’s jobs at Lund Orthodontic. Unfortunately, everything of the best is missing in this practice.

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