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Published: 10 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Wow, where do I start? I bought their “”Atomic”” bag and after about 5 months of light use (not even daily use), the zipper slide cracked in half. I contacted the company via their facebook page and after about a day, they replied to me telling me to email them, so I did. After emailing them, 4 days passed and I got an email from someone at the company asking me when and where I had bought the bag….then two weeks passed. I emailed again, just to see what was going on. No reply. I wait another few days…I send another email…no reply. I sed ANOTHER email, I wait two days…no reply. So I commented on their facebook page, expressing how displeased I was….and my comment was deleted and I was banned! I was shocked! I looked around online a bit, and it turns out this is a standard practice for them. I started doing screen grabs on their page for comments of customers who were upset. and surprise, they ALL get deleted. Everyone who has something bad to say or who needs help gets banned. They do not acknowledge that they have some serious issues with their products. Disgusting….and horribly unethical. Let me go back a bit…I had also left a review of the bag on their website, where they allow people to post reviews…I expressed the same issues about the broken zipper. Surprise! Deleted. All the negative reviews on their site get deleted. This company seems to feel that that is totally fine. Their products are over priced and cheap, but it’s hard to find that out unless if you really dig because they manage to delete most negative things about their horrible company. STAY AWAY FROM LUX DE VILLE. They are horrible and do not deserve your hard-earned money! I would hate to see anyone go through the hell they put me through. It takes a certain type of scum to totally ignore the customers who pay their bills. Just thinking about this company makes my blood boil. They are the worst of the worst. .

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