Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls

Lies to you for making profits

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Don’t consider Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls to get your business done because you will probably face a big loss as I did and receive nothing except shit. If I had trusted these guys, I might have lost nearly $2000!
Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls are only interested in filling their pockets and nothing else, you would probably going to get scammed if you ever wish to visit this company. I took my car at their shop just for oil changed which was an old Saturn. After my oil change, some weeks later the engine light came on and the engine started making strange sounds so I decided to bring it to Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls. Their service provider told me that I had some problems with its thermostat as it was not working so I had to change it which would be going to cost me $700 to get it fixed.
My car was also making some noise so when I asked about it, I was being told that my rear shocks were causing it and they could solve this problem for $800. The noise was not coming actually from the rear shocks but it was rather coming from under the hood which they checked and told me that I had some problems with my belt tensioner and it would cost me $350 to fix it. Their employees are incompetent and are not as professional as they can’t even identify the problem correctly. So the total bill to fix my car around $1850 for an old Saturn. Looks like these guys had decided to rob me blind. They think customers are a bunch of dumbasses who know nothing about cars so they spit some jargon around and expect you to believe everything. I decided to get a second opinion about it because I could not trust them and asked one of my friends about it as he was a mechanic. He checked my car and told me that I had some problems with my hose and so it only required to change it. He changed the hose and engine light came off. This took me only $17 to fix it. The bill of $1850 which Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls was trying to get from me was just another way to make a few more bucks. They actually knew what was the problem but didn’t tell me because I seemed like an ATM machine to them. This company will try to rip you off and I don’t know how they have even able to get 5 stars because they aren’t actually worth it. Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls is going to waste your time and money and nothing else. Do one thing and stay away from such crooks because you might not want to lose your money so easily. There are other alternatives in the city who are far much better than this one.

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